Installation & Performance

Sunrise windows and doors are manufactured to provide industry-leading performance and beauty, but should be installed by an experienced Sunrise installer to ensure they work properly. Windows and doors must be installed square and level, with a proper water barrier. They should also be correctly sealed, anchored and insulated properly to protect from water an air infiltration around the frame. Failure to install your windows and doors with all of these requirements will keep your windows from performing at their highest levels and giving you all the great benefits you desire.

Improper installation can cause issues with:

  • Thermal Performance

    o   A major reason you may be replacing your windows and doors is to get improved thermal performance and lower energy bills. You want to keep the heat from your furnace and cool from your air conditioner in your home where it belongs. Not insulating adequately and properly around the frame will allow drafts to enter into your home. Improper installation of your windows and doors can cause stress on the frame and sash, allowing energy loss around the frame and loss of the window seal. Once the seal is gone, your window will no longer be insulated and performing properly. To learn about thermal performance ratings, visit our NFRC ratings page.

  • Air Infiltration

    o   Your windows and doors play a key role in keeping you safe and comfortable even on the breeziest day. Air infiltration causes cold drafts and temperature differences within a room, which frequently causes the thermostat to be set higher or lower, so that the average temperature is at the desired level. Sealing and properly insulating the perimeter of the frame will help keep stubborn drafts from sneaking in around the window. Also, ensuring the window closes and seals itself properly is an important step in the installation process. To learn about our air infiltration ratings, visit our AWS ratings page.

  • Wind Loads

    o   No matter where you live, your home may be exposed to a variety of weather elements. You expect your new windows and doors to stand up to the challenge and protect you and your home. An improperly anchored window or door may move within the rough opening or become mis-aligned causing poor operation, or in severe cases, permanent damage. To learn about wind load (Design Pressure or Performance Grade ratings), visit our Air, Water, Structural Ratings page.

  • Water Damage

    o   Although Sunrise windows and Sliding doors are made of vinyl, the rough opening of your wall is usually a 2×4 or 2×6 wood stud. When installing your windows, it is important to incorporate a water barrier and water drainage plane to ensure no water penetrates around the frame of the window. If water is able to get in around the window, it can cause damage to the wall structure, weakening the support and seal around the window. Once the seal around the window is broken, air and water have easy access into your home, and your windows will not be able to perform efficiently. To learn more, visit our Air, Water, Structural Ratings page.

  • Sound Control

    o   While the window or door itself may be designed to help reduce outside noise, proper insulation around the perimeter of your window or door frame can help as well. A poorly balanced and anchored window or door may also squeak or groan from wind and air pressure, causing more noise issues. To learn more about sound control, visit our STC Ratings Section.

Installation is important to ensure your windows and doors can perform efficiently. Discuss the installation process with your Sunrise dealer so you can make the best decision for your home.