The Best Window Material for Homes in Detroit, MI

What Is the Best Material for Windows Detroit MI

If the current windows on your Detroit, Michigan, home aren’t performing how you want them to, it may be time for an upgrade. Having replacement windows installed offers a world of benefits, ranging from better energy efficiency and less maintenance to a more pleasant appearance both on the inside and the outside of your home. However, such a project also prompts questions, such as: what is the best material for replacement windows? 

Many homeowners put a lot time and effort into selecting a certain style of window, or a specific type of glazing package for their windows—low-emissivity glass, multiple-panes, self-cleaning glass, etc.—and while these are certainly aspects that you should be mindful about, it’s also important to consider what material the frames of your windows will be made of. Each window material from wood to fiberglass to vinyl has its own pros and cons, and since no two homeowners are alike, it’s difficult to say which window frame material is “the best.” However, there is one kind of window that offers such immense all-around value that we’re tempted to place it on top of the heap — vinyl replacement windows from Sunrise.

Sunrise replacement windows are crafted from fusion-welded vinyl extrusions which makes the frames incredibly rigid and durable, ensuring they keep their shape for many years. What’s more, these vinyl frames feature polyurethane insulation that guards against heat transfer and provides incredible energy-efficiency, so you can enjoy a more comfortable home and possibly even lower your monthly heating and cooling costs. And, as far as appearance goes, these sleek vinyl windows are beautiful on their own, but can also be enhanced with decorative options such as Madera™ Premium Interior Trim which will furnish your home with the natural beauty of real wood grain.

To learn more about what sets Sunrise vinyl windows apart from other replacement windows on the market, contact a Sunrise dealer today. Click here to locate dealers in the Detroit area.