Should I Replace the Windows On My Memphis, TN, House Before Selling It?

Should I Replace the Windows On My Memphis, TN, House Before Selling It?

If you’re considering selling your Memphis, Tennessee, home, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to replace your windows. You’ve heard that doing so might help you get a higher selling price, but you’re also a little wary about making an investment that you won’t be around to reap the benefits of.

Improved Appearance Inside & Out

New windows will improve the overall appearance of your home, which can help attract more potential buyers. With better curb appeal, your home is likely to generate more interest, and once they’re inside, potential buys will surely appreciate the fact that you’ve recently replaced the windows. In fact, new windows are one of the most common aspects that homebuyers look for when shopping around for a new residence.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Replacing your windows—especially if they’re old and drafty—can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency. By reducing heat transfer and eliminating air and water infiltration, new windows will give your HVAC system a break. And, because the system won’t have to work so hard to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, you might even see a reduction in your monthly heating and cooling expenses.

A Solid Return on Investment

As far as home upgrades go, replacing your windows is one project that yields a pretty good return-on-investment. While homeowners often only recoup about half of what they spent out of pocket for kitchen and bathroom remodels, window replacement projects can have an ROI as high as 75%, making them one of the better home improvements to make.

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