Replacement Window Comparison Guide for Detroit, MI, Homeowners

Replacement Window Comparison Guide Detroit MIWhen you’re shopping around for replacement windows for your Detroit, Michigan, home, there are lots to consider. However, you can narrow your search by asking yourself what you’re actually trying to accomplish with your window replacement project. For example, is your primary objective to enhance your home’s appearance? Or are you more interested in boosting energy efficiency? Are you trying to preserve or restore your home’s old-time character by installing historically accurate windows? Or do you want something that looks sleek and modern? Are you looking for windows that you can repaint and change up every few years? Or would you prefer to have super low-maintenance windows that you’ll barely even have to pay any mind to? As you can see, there are lots of different aspects to consider when it comes to choosing replacement windows. That’s why we’ve put together this replacement window comparison guide to help you in your search for the right windows.

Different Types of Replacement Windows

One of the biggest factors to consider when deciding which replacement windows to buy is frame material, as this can influence other factors like energy efficiency, cost, maintenance, durability, and appearance. Below are some common types of replacement windows:

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is an incredibly popular material for replacement windows for a number of reasons. For starters, vinyl is an incredibly durable material that never needs to be painted and won’t rot, flake, or peel over time, making it a great option if you’re looking for low-maintenance windows. Vinyl also has good natural insulating properties, so it can help increase your home’s energy efficiency. Vinyl windows are usually more cost-effective than other window types, which is a huge plus, and the fact that vinyl can easily be formed into a multitude of shapes and sizes means that you’ll have plenty of design options to choose from if you’re looking for specialty shaped windows like arches or circles. Most vinyl windows can be outfit with your choice of authentic-looking woodgrain style veneers to give them a beautiful finished appearance without the upkeep that real wood windows would entail.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are a great option if you’re looking to maintain your home’s historical character. As one of the oldest materials used for window construction, wood provides an aesthetic quality that other materials simply can’t offer. Wood windows can also be painted and repainted many times, which gives you a lot of design flexibility. If you know that you’re the type of person who’s going to want to change up your home’s appearance every five or ten years, then wood windows might be your best option. Wood windows do tend to cost a bit more than other materials, but they do offer excellent insulation and can last for many years. So, if you don’t mind the occasional sanding and staining, and if an authentic-looking woodgrain style finish isn’t quite authentic enough for you, check out wood windows.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are considered by many to be a middle-of-the-road option. They are strong and durable like vinyl, but they’re usually not as cost-effective as vinyl windows. And while they can be crafted to look like wood, they’re not actually wood, which might not be enough to win over some purists. However, fiberglass windows do offer some benefits. They are incredibly strong and they won’t expand or shrink in the face of extreme temperature fluctuations, so they’re a great option if you’re looking for windows that will last. Fiberglass windows usually have a powder-coat finish, so you don’t have to paint or stain them, making them a low-maintenance option. But the downside is that there are limited colors to choose from with fiberglass, unlike wood windows which can be painted any color you desire.

Aluminum Windows

Replacement Window Comparison Guide Detroit MISimilar to vinyl, aluminum is a flexible material which means it can easily be formed in a variety of shapes. If you’re looking for arched windows to complement your Gothic-style house or trapezoid-shaped windows to add quirky flair to your uber-modern abode, then aluminum windows are a great option to look into. Metal is also a long-lasting material like vinyl, so in terms of durability, aluminum windows get high marks. Because metal is so strong, aluminum frames don’t need to be as thick as other frame materials, which can provide a more wide-open view. However, if you’ll recall from science class, metal is a heat conductor, so it won’t provide as much energy efficiency as other materials like vinyl or wood. Aluminum is also not a great choice if you live near the water, as the salt air can cause them to corrode over time.

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