Frequently Asked Questions – Doors

Door Installations FAQs

Sunrise Windows & Doors has dealers in 39 states and Ontario, Canada. All of them are proud to offer the most beautifully crafted, best built and energy efficient products available in the market today. Please use the form on the dealer locator page to contact your nearest dealer.

To maintain their industry-leading performance, Sunrise doors need to be installed square and level, with a suitable water barrier. If your doors are not installed with these requirements, as a professional would do, it may lead to damage to not only your door, but additionally to your home. Your Sunrise Window warranty will also be voided if the door is improperly installed. See “Installation matters.”

Interested in learning more? Visit our Installation Instructions page for complete installation instructions. Sunrise does not recommend our products be installed by an uncertified professional. If you choose to install yourself, it is important to note Sunrise does not distribute direct to homeowners, so you will still need to contact a dealer to purchase your doors.

The time it takes to complete the installation of your replacement door depends on some different factors. How long it takes for the removal of your old door, the kind of door you purchased, whether any additional equipment is required or any issues with the property. Most often, one door will take one day to install.

The exact cost of a Sunrise door installation will depend on the kind of door you purchase. The cost will also vary if there is any damage from the old door to the home that needs to be repaired. Furthermore, the area where you live will affect the cost. The energy efficiency of the doors will help you save on utility bills, making the overall cost less in the long run. Contact your local Sunrise Windows & Doors contractor for a free estimate.

Someone from your home will need to be there to let us in the house and answer any questions we may have. Part of the installation process necessitates we go inside your home to set your door according to our high standards. Your door will be installed by a highly trained professional who will respect your home, leaving the site clean.

The installation of your Sunrise door will be performed with the greatest care and respect for your property. Our dealers take precautions to prevent damage to your home, as well as prevent the need for repainting or repairing of your interior or exterior walls. Consult your local Sunrise Dealer about any concerns you may have about your installation.

To ensure your replacement door is properly installed and has maximum energy efficiency, it needs to be insulated, anchored, and sealed to protect the door from air and water infiltration around the frame. To accomplish this, your Sunrise installation team needs to be able to get to both the outside and inside of the door.

Please remove curtains, blinds or other any decorative treatments. Also, have your security company remove any security sensors if you have them. Please move furniture or anything else in the way to make a clear path to the door that is being replaced. It is also a good idea to take down any pictures or wall decorations close to the door as they could fall during removal of the old door or the installation of the new one.

No. Your authorized dealers are trained to install patio and entry doors with as little disturbance to your home as possible.

Dealers will often use protective coverings such as drop cloths or plastic sheeting to cover your floor and furnishings at and near the work area.

Cleanup and disposal of your old doors is written into your contract. As with any home improvement project, it is typically the contractor’s responsibility to dispose of all project-related debris and to provide all the equipment necessary for cleanup (such as a dumpster, wet/dry vacuum and heavy-duty garbage bags).

Door Troubleshooting FAQs

Interior condensation is typically not an issue with the door. It is a result of a variety of factors inside or outside the home, and usually occurs during winter. To learn more about interior condensation, click here.

Fog in between door glass may be a sign of seal failure. To learn more about condensation between glass panes, click here.

Various factors can cause a door to stick.

For sliding doors, the culprit is often dirt buildup or a lack of lubrication in the points where the door comes into contact with the sliding track. To fix this issue, thoroughly clean the tracks and frame before using a clean cloth to apply a silicone lubricant.

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Our Happy Clients

I had Sunrise Windows installed in my home in 2000. We started noticing some of the wood lament on the windows started peeling. Sixteen years later, Sunrise honored their warranty and replaced every window. This is a stand-up company.

Temperance, MI

I purchased Sunrise Windows last year for a house I was flipping. I believe the windows were a big reason the house sold for nearly 100% of the asking price. This is a great company. I would recommend this company's products to anyone.

Toledo, OH

A company that honors their warranty! I had their windows since 1996 and the company still honors my warranty. Great windows. Great company. Thank you Sunrise!

Chicago, IL

Installed 30 replacement windows and 2 sliding glass doors in Raleigh, NC. No leaks, no condensation, nearly perfect inside and out. Some windows were larger than 5x5 and still no problems. No more drafts and lower hvac costs. Real quality. Check with experts who engineer glass, as I did. They look great and visitors actually notice and comment. Just a happy customer. Nice job guys!

Raleigh, NC

I had ALL my windows and both doors replaced at the same time to my older (built in 1958) home by the folks at Sunrise and am very satisfied with the selection, service and installation! I’d recommend Sunrise to anyone renovating their older home.

As a window salesman who can sell Pella, Marvin, and Andersen windows as well, I can say with confidence that the Sunrise Window is a better option than any of those window brands. Most of the negative reviews I have read about the Sunrise product, is because the homeowner is uneducated on how condensation works, or the fault of the installer. If Sunrise makes a mistake, they will always fix it. Best window company to deal with and best warranty out there.