Why Proper Replacement Window Installation Matters

A worker with a tool belt installing a new windowWhy Proper Replacement Window Installation Matters

When windows aren’t replaced properly (for example, if the window isn’t the proper size or the window opening is in poor condition), it can result in gaps, sagging, or an unattractive appearance. A proper installation is vital for beautiful, long-lasting windows that perform as intended. Additionally, ensure that your contractor performs the following procedures when your windows are being replaced.

Why Installation Matters

Aside from choosing the style, finish, color, and material for your replacement windows, new windows must be installed in a structurally stable rough opening. It’s critical that the window is level, stable, and properly sealed. If your contractor cuts corners, you can experience premature window failure, water leakage, and damage to your home’s walls. Not to mention, if you choose an energy-efficient window option, you won’t be able to enjoy any of the benefits of boosted thermal performance or save energy if there are gaps around the window or it’s sealed poorly.

Assess the Old Windows

Before installing your new windows, your contractor should look at the old window to see if there are any specific issues. By adjusting for factors that caused your problems in the first place, they can ensure your new windows function properly, and you can avoid complications in the future.

Confirm the Window Size

At the time of installation, your contractor should have double-checked the window size and shape to make sure it would be an exact fit. However, it’s important that they check once more before installing it—once it’s in and sealed, any problems with window fit will necessitate removal, and you’ll have to start the process over. Ensure that they measure the window and the opening in the wall to confirm it will fit snugly.

Execute a Careful Placement

The positioning of your replacement windows is extremely important. Proper placement ensures a secure fit, level window, and good thermal performance. Check that your installer takes care to place your new windows properly and seals them to ensure that they are watertight and won’t allow condensation or water into your home.

Check for Code Compliance

If there are code requirements for windows in your county (for example, Miami-Dade requires that all windows be hurricane resistant), your installers should know that and ensure your new windows meet those requirements. A county representative should be able to visit your home and confirm that your new windows are up to code.

Quality Assurance Check

After your contractor installs your windows and cleans up, they should perform a quality assurance check. This will confirm that your windows are stable, don’t have any drafts or leaks, have strong caulking, and look great from the inside as well as the outside. You should love the look of your new windows and feel confident that they will last for years to come after a proper replacement window installation.

Reach Out for Top-Quality Windows

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