What to Expect During My Window Installation

Most people only have new windows installed once or twice in a lifetime. Since every window installation project is different, it’s hard to know what to expect. However, there are a few things you can expect from your install team to get you prepared for your window installation.

The installers should arrive on time, and introduce themselves before the work begins. They will then begin preparing the work areas, ensuring that all areas are prepped for a safe working environment. Note: You may be asked to remove personal items from the working area before the installers arrive. Be prepared to have rooms adjusted so there is no risk of personal injury or damage to your property.

On the outside of the home, they may need to set up tarps, ladders or platforms. On the inside of your home, the installers may place drop clothes or other protection on the flooring if needed to ensure there is no damage to your home.

They will begin by removing the exterior screens and storm windows. Next, they will remove the sashes and sliding tracks of the old windows. If you are having a pocket window installation, your new window will now be installed into the frame opening. If you are having a full frame replacement installation, the interior trim around your window, the frame of the old window, and the brickmould will also be removed from the opening. In a full frame installation, a water management system will be installed to prevent future water damage, and the new window will then be installed.

Next, the area around the window will be filled with insulation, and a new Madera Premium Interior Trim system can be installed to finish your window installation. Remember that all window installations are unique, and may require more or less steps. Consult your dealer if you have any questions about the installation of your windows. The installers will finish by clearing the work area of all debris and tools.

When your window replacement project is complete, you can expect to have a home with more beautiful curb appeal, and exceptionally efficient windows. We hope you enjoy your new Sunrise windows.

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