What Makes an Energy-Efficient Window?

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Using advanced technology and skilled attention to detail, Sunrise® is committed to producing the most energy-efficient windows on the market. There are several components to consider that affect a window’s energy performance. Here’s more about what makes Sunrise windows better.

Components That Affect Performance

Stronger frames. Typical vinyl windows are constructed with mechanically-fastened corners, but Sunrise frames and sashes are fusion-welded for greater strength. Fusion welding also creates an impenetrable barrier that eliminates air and water infiltration. Our exclusive extrusion design is also engineered with several internal chambers and angles for increased strength.

Foam-filled frames. PVC windows offer the best protection from energy loss when filled with polyurethane insulating foam. Our polyurethane foam-filled extrusions provide higher R-values than other vinyl windows for truly effective insulation.

Low-E glass. Thin Low-E coatings applied to the surface give glass the ability to reflect heat back to its source, boosting energy performance and providing customizable levels of reflectivity, clearness and UV protection. Sunrise offers several Low-E options so you can tailor window glass to your climate.

Multiple panes. Two panes of glass, separated by a space filled with air or gas, insulate much better than a single pane of glass. Sunrise’s Latitude glass systems with double or triple panes provide superior value and thermal performance in windows, and meet or exceed ENERGY STAR windows requirements.

Gas fill. Heavy gases inserted between window panes offer better insulation than air to minimize heat exchange. Sunrise windows are manufactured with a 90% argon or krypton gas fill, or come air-filled for high-altitude areas.

Warm-edge spacers. A spacer maintains the correct distance between glass panes and insulates pane edges, cutting down on heat transfer through the window. Our XLEdge™ Spacer System provides exceptional value and thermal performance.

Get Sunrise® Windows for Cutting-Edge Efficiency

Sunrise Windows is proud to offer the most beautifully crafted, well-built and highly efficient products available. We stand behind each and every window with a lifetime warranty and customer service that exceeds expectations. Find an authorized Sunrise dealer near you to learn more.

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