What Is the Difference Between Custom Windows and Standard Big-Box Store Windows?

White modern home with large windows and grey roofWhat Is the Difference Between Custom Windows and Standard Big-Box Store Windows?

Custom windows are fabricated after taking exact measurements of your current window and wall opening. This ensures an accurate fit. Big-box store windows (those you can buy off the shelf) are an approximate fit and can lead to leaking, drafts, and premature wear and tear. In other words, they can have immediate issues and can also lead to long-term problems with your home. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of having new windows installed, such as improved energy efficiency and enhanced curb appeal that matches your exact style, it’s important to choose custom windows over standard big-box windows.

Why Choose Custom Windows?

While many homeowners want to reduce costs and keep their overhead low when having their new windows installed, going with standard big-box windows is generally not a good idea. There may be short-term benefits to this approach, but homeowners will likely have issues with energy efficiency and water damage in the long run because standard windows simply don’t fit as well.

Standard Sizing vs. Custom Sizing

Although you may see options that appear like they will fit your current window’s dimensions, it’s highly likely that they won’t. Many homes have windows that aren’t standard sizes, and you’ll only find out once it’s too late and you’re already in the installation process. This means you’ll have spent money on ill-fitting windows, and you’ll have to invest in wall alterations and structural compensation to make the standard windows fit (as well as they can, that is).

Having a professional measure and create custom windows for the exact opening ensures that your new windows will fit perfectly and won’t cause problems with drafts or leakage—this means optimal thermal performance and energy efficiency. You also won’t have to deal with any alterations or time-consuming structural changes to accommodate an ill-fitting window.

Differences in Quality

Since standard big-box windows are mass produced, the quality and fit will differ from window to window. On the other hand, custom windows are fabricated individually, meaning that the manufacturer has more control over the quality of each piece. There is more opportunity to fix problems and ensure the product is of the best possible quality.

Color and Hardware Options

When you choose custom windows, you’ll be able to choose from more colors, styles, finishes, and hardware options than with standard windows, where you may be limited to the manufacturer’s combinations. For example, At Sunrise® Windows & Doors, you can select from nine exterior colors and 10 interior finish options, including:

  • Painter’s white
  • Tan
  • Brazilian pecan
  • Colonial cherry
  • English maple
  • Golden oak
  • Provincial oak
  • Norwegian walnut

For exterior color options, you can choose from:

  • Tan
  • Slate
  • Painter’s white
  • Royal brown
  • Iron ore
  • Maize
  • Sable
  • Pebble
  • Antique brown
  • Forest green
  • Earthtone
  • Antique red
  • Mystic gray
  • Vintage linen
  • Sandstone
  • Commercial brown
  • Black

Overall, in the long run, you’re much better off investing in custom windows for your home! You have complete control over their appearance, quality, and fit.

Our Windows Stand the Test of Time

The goal at Sunrise Windows & Doors is to deliver a durable, attractive, top-notch product. Our manufacturing has even been recognized with the receipt of Crystal Achievement Awards for innovation. If you want to get started on the best custom windows for your home, contact us today. We will set you up with a consultation with an authorized dealer near you.