What Are SunBlinds®?

Concept drawing of blinds in a windowIf you’re looking for a solution that will block out sunlight and heat when you install your new replacement windows, consider SunBlinds®. SunBlinds are adjustable mini blinds that are sealed between the panes of glass of your windows. This means you get all the benefits of stylish mini blinds with all the control—and none of the cleaning! Learn more about how SunBlinds can benefit your new replacement windows below.

How Do SunBlinds® Work?

Known as “The Blinds You Never Clean,” SunBlinds® are embedded within the window itself. Encasing the blinds within the window panes offers a sleek appearance with far less maintenance than regular mini blinds, which require frequent dusting and cleaning. This is perfect for individuals with dust allergies or those who want to avoid pet dander that tends to build up on blinds. Additionally, SunBlinds® are a great all-around solution to avoiding the damage that pets or children might otherwise cause to your blinds.

While there is generally no gas fill option for windows with SunBlinds®, these inventive blinds also help block the sun’s rays and improve solar heat gain on their own. SunBlinds® can enhance the comfort of your home, keep your house cooler during the warmer months, and reduce glare from the sun with minimal fuss. They can also be combined with triple-pane glass options to improve the window’s U-factor (a rating that measures the energy efficiency and heat performance of windows).

SunBlinds® Construction

These innovative mini blinds are constructed with a single slide magnetic operator that lowers, raises, or tilts the blind assembly to adjust them as necessary. SunBlinds® are available in either a tilt-only or lift-and-tilt style, depending on the type of window or door you choose. For larger doors, the operator may include a cable for easier operation, but it won’t hang down like other blind operators that can get tangled, lead to uneven lowering and raising of the blinds, or be tugged on by children.

You can add SunBlinds to many styles of doors and windows, including performance sash casement windows, performance sash awning windows, and sliding patio doors. One of our authorized dealers can help you select precisely what you need during your consultation.

What Colors and Styles Are Offered?

SunBlinds® slats and operators are available in white and tan, two classic options that mix well with the extensive interior window frame colors we offer, including:

  • Brazilian pecan
  • Golden oak
  • Norwegian maple
  • English walnut
  • Colonial cherry
  • Provincial oak
  • Tan
  • Painter’s white

To match your interior color and SunBlinds®, you can pick from the following exterior color options:

  • Royal brown
  • Iron ore
  • Maize
  • Pebble
  • Forest green
  • Vintage linen
  • Sandstone
  • Black
  • Slate
  • Painter’s white
  • Tan
  • Sable
  • Antique brown
  • Earthtone
  • Antique red
  • Mystic gray

When you start designing your ideal replacement windows for your home, you’ll be able to match your SunBlinds® to the colors and finishes of your window frames and hardware to get the aesthetic you desire.

Get in Touch With a Dealer

SunBlinds® are exclusively manufactured by Sunrise Windows & Doors. We’re proud to say that our manufacturing has been acknowledged in the industry by receipt of the Crystal Achievement Awards for innovation!

If you’d like to learn more about SunBlinds® or schedule an appointment with an authorized Sunrise dealer near you, contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to connect you with someone who can provide you with more information and help get your replacement window project started.