Ever Wonder “Is it Time to Replace My Windows?”

is it time to replace my windows“When is it time to replace my windows?” Homeowners tell us that they replace their windows for at least one of three reasons: they don’t look good, they don’t work right, or they’re not very energy efficient. Rotted wood, windows that won’t open and close properly and/or drafty windows are all indicators that it may be time for new home windows.

The next question that you might ask is “When should I replace my windows?” If you’re like me, there are plenty of things  around your house that need fixing up, things that you walk past every day because you’ve learned to live with them. The real question is, “What is the cost of doing nothing?”

Should I Repair or Replace My Windows

Sometimes the most expedient and least expensive way of taking care of these issues is repairing your windows. Repairing or replacing rotten wood, replacing a worn out balance system on a window that won’t open properly or caulking around your windows are potential solutions that you’ll hear and read about everyday.

In many cases, however, the repair is a band-aid, and is treating a symptom rather than an underlying issue. It’s sort of like me having a headache and taking an aspirin. It works in the short term, but doesn’t address the real issue. Maybe I’m just stressed out, or maybe I had a bit too much fun with friends last night, or maybe it’s much,much worse than that. Having a trusted home improvement professional in your area assess your issues is a great starting point.

Should I Replace My Windows Myself

So, you’ve made the determination that getting new replacement windows for your home is the proper solution. The next question is “Should I install my own windows?” Certainly a way to save money, installing your replacement windows yourself can save around 10% on your project.

should I replace my windows myself

Be advised, however, even the most passionate DIY’er will tell you how important the installation process of your new windows is. The best replacement window available is worthless if improperly installed. 

The other consideration here is warranties. The manufacturer covers the product, the installer covers the installation. Oftentimes the most prudent decision is to let your local window installation professional handle, and warranty, this work.

How Much Will Replacing My Windows Cost

You’ve determined it’s time to replace your old, defective, inefficient windows with new replacement windows. You’ve talked to a local home improvement professional with excellent reviews about the install. It’s time for the moment of truth…how much should I expect to spend to replace my windows?

Obviously, the immediate answer is, “it depends.” There are a number of factors that figure into this equation. how much will it cost to replace my windowsGeography, window types, and options are just a few of the variables that affect overall cost. As you are doing your research a great resource for determining costs for this, and many other home improvement projects, is the Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report. This source looks at specific projects, their average costs by region, but also how much a window replacement job can affect the overall value of your home.

One thing to look at is the cost of replacing all the windows in your home versus only doing a few. Taking care of everything at once has the benefit of your window installer being able to pass on economies of scale for only having to send employees out once, as well as taking care of all problems at the same time. If you are in position financially to do this, it’s always the best way to go.

If your budget won’t allow, or you don’t want to take advantage of financing programs that your home improvement dealer offers, doing a partial replacement can have the benefits of saving some money, as well as taking care of specific, pressing issues, like replacing all the windows on the sunny side of the house, etc. You can then replace the rest of your windows in stages as finances and other circumstances allow.

Maybe it IS time for you to replace your windows…

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