The Top 3 Myths about Weather & Windows

palms at hurricaneThere is still a surprising amount of misinformation about windows and storm preparation that persists among homeowners today. In the face of a storm, these myths pose serious dangers to both individuals and homes. In advance of tornado and hurricane season, Sunrise® reminds you of the following window-related facts.

Myth #1: Windows should be opened before a tornado or hurricane approaches to equalize pressure and minimize damage.

Fact: It’s a popular belief that opening up a house’s windows in advance of a storm will keep pressure from building up inside and causing the roof to blow off. Experts and wind scientists agree that merely opening windows will not alleviate or equalize pressure in a storm. Homes are damaged and destroyed by violent winds, therefore windows should be kept shut to keep more debris from entering your home.

Myth #2: Taping windows with masking or duct tape in advance of a storm or hurricane will keep them from breaking.

Fact: Tape will do nothing to help preserve your windows, prevent them from shattering or protect your home. The best way to secure windows during a hurricane is to install permanent storm shutters or windows specifically rated for high winds. A second option is to board them up with custom-fitted exterior-grade plywood.

Myth #3: In a hurricane, only the windows facing the ocean need to be covered.

Fact: Wind can come from any direction or angle and may change direction quickly. Installing coastal windows or covering all windows, doors and garage doors with impact-resistant material is the best way to prevent damage from high winds and flying debris.

Learn More about Sunrise® Coastal Windows

Strong, beautiful Sunrise Coastal windows are structurally rated for 170 mph winds and tested in excess of 200 mph winds to ensure they can stand up to the elements. In the face of a storm, enjoy greater peace of mind with these durable windows to protect all that you hold dear. Contact an authorized Sunrise Windows dealer to find out more.

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