The Power of the Little Blue Label: ENERGY STAR® and What It Means

What the ENERGY STAR Label Means In honor of ENERGY STAR Day, we thought we’d take a closer look at the ENERGY STAR® label. This symbol packs a big punch when it comes to helping consumers understand how energy-efficient a product is: close to 90% of Americans recognize the little blue label!

Choose ENERGY STAR to Save Energy

The ENERGY STAR program was created in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gases. The success of the program is impressive: since it was founded, American consumers and businesses have realized hundreds of billions of dollars in energy savings and avoided the emission of billions of metric tons of greenhouse gases.

The ENERGY STAR label is only given to products that meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines as established by the program. In order to be rated by ENERGY STAR, a product must undergo independent third-party testing in an EPA-accredited testing laboratory.

Windows and doors that receive the ENERGY STAR rating have been shown to:

  • Contribute significant energy savings nationwide
  • Deliver increased energy efficiency along with the performance and features desired by consumers
  • Provide a good investment that allows purchasers to recoup their cost within a reasonable amount of time, if the product costs more than its less-efficient, conventional counterparts
  • Achieve energy efficiency through non-proprietary technologies available through more than one manufacturer
  • Have energy performance and consumption levels that are measurable and verifiable with testing
  • Have labeling that differentiates the product and is visible to consumers

Choose Sunrise to Get the ENERGY STAR Label

Replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR windows can lower household energy bills up to 15 percent, according to the EPA. Sunrise Windows is proud to offer a variety of ENERGY STAR-rated products—including multiple products listed on the current ENERGY STAR Most Efficient list—that meet and exceed the ENERGY STAR guidelines to help you save money and protect the environment. Our windows come with a variety of features that improve their overall thermal performance, including:

Thermally Efficient Frames

Our windows feature frames made from pure virgin uPVC that is filled with a polyurethane insulating foam. This combination is not only exceptionally durable but also helps prevent air leaks and greatly reduces heat transfer.

Multiple Glass Panes

It’s not hard to understand why having at least two panes of glass will help your windows be more energy efficient. Multi-pane windows with a space between the panes greatly reduce energy transfer and can reduce the workload for a home’s HVAC system. This is especially true if argon or krypton gas, which reduce the conduction of heat, are used to fill the space between the panes

Low-E Protective Coatings

Low-E, or “low-emissivity” glass coatings filter out both infrared and UV light. Reduced infrared rays can help shield your home from the heat in the summer, while keeping UV light out will prevent your furniture and curtains from fading.

Stainless Steel Spacers

Spacers serve two important roles. First, they keep the glass panes the correct distance apart and hold them in their proper place to prevent broken seals. They also help insulate the pane edges, which reduces heat transfer through the glass.

If you would like more information about the most energy-efficient windows on the market or you would like to locate an authorized Sunrise Windows dealer near you, click here.