The Most Popular Window Styles

A home in the suburbs with a grey roof and white sidingThe Most Popular Window Styles

Replacing the windows in your home has multiple benefits. It can improve energy efficiency, boost your home’s curb appeal, and even create new seating spaces. If you’re looking to replace your windows soon, you might be overwhelmed by the choices in styles and their benefits. Which is the best, and which is the most popular? We’re here to help define and explain the most commonly chosen windows.

Picture Windows

If you’re looking to open up your space and let a lot of natural light in, picture windows may be a great choice. They are non-operable, meaning you can’t open them. However, they offer fantastic views of the outdoors without any hardware to get in the way, and they can be installed in large sizes. They are optimal for rooms where extra ventilation isn’t paramount.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are an attractive option for easy-to-reach areas. They have two operable sashes, allowing you to open both to let more outdoor air inside for maximum ventilation.

Single-Hung Windows

This option offers a classic look and consists of two sashes: one fixed upper sash and one operable lower sash. They provide excellent ventilation, are affordable, and can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Casement Windows

For simple operability, casement windows have a hinge and crank that opens the window outwards. Awning windows function similarly, but they open horizontally instead of vertically. They offer enhanced security due to their crank design, save space, and are incredibly energy efficient. Not to mention, they are a popular option for individuals who are unable to operate double-hung windows or single-hung windows, such as those with limited mobility.

Garden Windows

These windows are a popular choice for the kitchen, especially above the sink. They extend beyond the exterior of your home a bit, offering a small area to add a shelf where you can place plants, herbs, or other small items to enjoy while you’re in the kitchen. They also give you an improved view of the outdoors.

Bow and Bay Windows

You’ve likely seen these on homes in the Bay Area! Bay windows usually consist of one picture window in the middle and two ventilation windows on the side, while bow windows feature multiple windows for a less angular, more sloped design. Both options open up the space and let more natural light in. And since they extend past the exterior of the home, they offer an improved view of your garden or yard. They also provide the opportunity to add a seating area to lounge and enjoy the view.

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