Energy-Efficient Windows Are a Must-Have for Southwestern Homes

Energy-Efficient Windows Southwestern HomesHomeowners in the Southwest understand the necessity of having energy-efficient windows installed in their homes. Especially during the hot summer months, when temperatures are routinely in the triple digits, energy-efficient windows can help keep your home comfortable and prevent you from racking up exorbitantly high energy bills. But what should you look for when considering which replacement windows to install?

The Most Important Energy-Efficient Features

When choosing windows for your southwestern home, look for ones with energy-efficient features such as low-E glass, insulated frames, and gas fills. Not only will windows with these features ensure that your home is using energy more efficiently—which can help reduce your carbon footprint—but they’ll also make your home more comfortable year-round.

Low-E glass—short for low-emissivity—is glass that is coated with many microscopic layers of silver and other metals. These coatings, which are thinner than a strand of human hair and thus virtually invisible, help to filter out the thermal energy that enters your home by reflecting harmful ultraviolet rays and the heat that comes with them. This way, you get all of the natural light you want, and less of the things you don’t want, like sun-faded furniture.

In terms of insulated frames, look for something with heavy-duty insulation such as polyurethane as opposed to foam. Polyurethane is the same type of insulation that’s used in refrigerators and thus provides superior insulation than the porous, spongy foam that some windows use. Also, opting for frames made of vinyl can further reduce heat transfer as vinyl has good natural insulating properties.

Another important feature of energy-efficient windows is gas fills. On windows that are double-glazed (meaning they’re made with two panes of glass sandwiched together), there is a layer of gas in between the glass. Krypton and argon are the two most common gases used because they are “inert” or “noble” gases, meaning they won’t react with other materials and substances). These gas fills act as an invisible cushion of insulation between the glass panes and slows the transfer of heat through the window to help maintain a consistent interior temperature in your home.

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