Why Northern Homes Should Have Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows Northern HomesIf you live in a northern region and you don’t have energy-efficient windows on your home, you’re probably losing a lot of heat during the cold winter months. And rather than bumping up the thermostat again and again to keep warm—which ultimately results in higher energy bills—you might be better off investing in new windows for your home.

While some regions of the country have more moderate climates which allow homeowners to keep their windows open for much of the year, in many parts of the north, there are only a few weeks in the spring and fall when you can throw open the windows and just enjoy the fresh air. It’s no secret that the northern states—Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine, and New York State to name a few—see more than their fair share of snow and frigid temperatures every winter. But despite how cold it often gets in these northern states, the summers can also be unbearably hot. What this means is that even in the summer you’re relying heavily on your windows to maintain a consistent interior temperature and keep you from sweating bullets.

Energy-efficient windows are built with specialized features such as low-E glass, insulated frames, and gas fills, which all help to reduce heat transfer. While many of the replacement windows made nowadays include some combination of these features, if you want true energy efficiency, it’s important to invest in windows that have all of them. Look for the ENERGY STAR certification and a low U-value—ideally less than 0.3—as indicators that the windows are built to perform well on northern homes.

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