Let’s Get Visual

Before I started with Sunrise Window & Doors last April, I knew as much about windows and all the add-ons as I did about taming a lion – which was clearly not much at all. I’m pretty sure many of you are in the same boat as I was.

How are you supposed to know the difference in full vs. split sash windows, casement vs. slider, and single vs. double hung? On top of the styles you can customize vinyl windows with v-groove or art glass, add blinds, upgrade your screens to pet safe materials, and finish them off with Madera interior trim that looks like real wood, and cap the outside with brickmould.

It can get pretty intimidating having those terms thrown at you all at once. I know my head was spinning by this point. The one piece that really helped me sort through all the confusion was the Visualizer tool. Stumbling across this feature within my first few days was a lifesaver, especially since I learn best hands-on and visually.

Understanding Sunrise Windows is as easy as a few clicks of a mouse.  Let’s take a look at how the Visualizer works to see if it could help you too.

Using the Sunrise Windows Visualizer Tool
clicking to the visualizer tool

Let’s head on over to our website and click the “Design Your View” button on the homepage to get started.

visualizer tool choose lookA window like this should up. You can select any style, but I decided to go with the one I was least familiar with, ‘Window Divided Side to Side.’ The program is easy to navigate and moves you forward once you’ve made your selection.

visualizer tool mechanical

Should we select a sliding window, or casement that swings out? I again went with the least familiar to me, dual casement. Now that we have our window selected, let’s get customizing.

visualizer tool hardware

Here I have a window with a Brazilian Pecan finish, the same Madera™ trim, and Pontiac gold hardware.

Visualizer tool colors

For the exterior I selected an Earthtone frame with painters white brickmould.

visualizer tool Grids.jpg

Under grids I selected the Florentine V-grid and the style auto populated to Accent Interior Finish, OptiView® screen, but opted not to go with blinds.


Here’s the final product. Well that wasn’t so bad was it?  The cool thing is that I can send what I’ve designed to a friend to get some feedback.

This tool is free, and at your disposal to create as many combinations as you wish. In no time you’ll have a hang of the options and will have the perfect window selected.

We’re here if you get stuck and need assistance, or have questions. The Sunrise Windows & Doors Customer Service team is in Monday-Friday 8-5 EST and can be reached at 888-718-5005.