Sunrise® Windows Debuts Highly Efficient, Customizable Latitude Glass

There are many things to consider when replacing your windows and doors, and the glass you select is an important choice. Glass affects the look of your home from the curb, how clear your view is from inside the house, the amount of light allowed into your home, and how comfortable you feel throughout the year. It can help you save money on heating and cooling bills and protect your belongings from fading. The climate where you live must also be considered. With the introduction of Latitude Glass, Sunrise now offers a range of glass packages so you can get the look and feel that is best for you.

Why Glass Looks and Performs in Different Ways

Years ago, windows were built with single panes of clear glass. They offered a view to the outside and helped to keep the weather out, but they didn’t keep you very comfortable. Now glass units are built with two or more layers of glass, usually with at least one Low-E coating. Low-E coatings improve energy performance and provide varying levels of clearness, reflectivity and UV protection. High-performance spacers and sealants keep insulating gases sealed inside the unit. And depending on where you live, different combinations of these elements provide better performance. Latitude Glass provides many options so you can find the most energy-efficient replacement windows for your home, no matter where you live.

How clear would you like your view to be? How much light would you like to let into your home? How dark do you want your windows to look from the curb? Latitude Glass is available from very clear (80% clear) to highly reflective (46% clear) in six different levels.

Sunrise Latitude glass options replacement windowsCutting-Edge Energy Efficiency

With the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient designation, products are recognized as the latest in technology innovation for cutting-edge performance. Latitude Glass options that meet these stringent criteria are available for all zones and offer different levels of view clarity. If you desire the best performance, choose Sunrise ENERGY STAR qualified windows with Latitude Glass.

Energy Star Most Efficient Criteria windowsFor more information about Latitude Glass and which glass option is right for your home, find an authorized Sunrise dealer near you.

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