Sunrise® Awning Windows: Why Use Them – and Where?

awning window in kitchen with gridsClean, simple lines and a minimal profile give Sunrise® awning windows the flexibility to integrate with just about any window application. These windows are hinged along the top and swing outward. Low profile, dual-lever locking handles provide added security, and squareness is ensured through an adjustable hinge system.

Sunrise awning windows provide today’s remodelers with the versatility necessary for modern architectural style. Use an awning window above or below a picture window to provide ventilation without obstructing the view. Create visual interest by stacking awnings with other awning or casement windows in a vertical or horizontal configuration.

Awning windows are also an excellent choice in areas that require privacy, such as over the master bed and above the shower or bathtub. By placing an awning window above eye level, you can bring ventilation and natural daylight to a space that would otherwise be dim and humid. In tight spaces, this use of awnings also means no cabinet space is lost to windows.

Sunrise awning windows open from the bottom, so wherever you place them they can allow air to circulate throughout your room, even when it’s raining. A dual weatherstripping system and polyurethane window frame insulation combine for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

Design Your Own Awning Window

With Sunrise Windows & Doors, you’ve got plenty of options to beautify your awning windows. Let our dealer network use their years of experience in the field to help you with the design process. Visit to locate the authorized dealer nearest you.

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