Stop Summer’s Heat with Low-E Technology from Sunrise® Windows

Thanks to rising utility costs and a greater awareness of environmental impact, homeowners are increasingly concerned about the energy efficiency of their homes. According to the Demand Institute, a 2014 survey of more than 100,000 households indicated average household spending on home electricity has grown 56% since 2000. In addition, a desire for better energy efficiency was homeowners’ top concern, with 71% indicating that energy efficiency is important but only 35% stating they are satisfied with the efficiency of their current home.

The Evolving Efficiency of Sunrise® Windows

Not surprisingly, the drive for better efficiency is leading homeowners to take a hard look at their windows – and Sunrise  has long addressed these concerns. Our windows have continued to evolve over the years, first with insulated glass units that create a “buffer zone” of air sandwiched between two panes of glass to stop heat loss. The glass, spacer, and the type of gas inserted into the space between the panes all contribute to the overall insulating efficiency of the glass. If you are investing in window replacement, you want the best insulating glass you can afford.

The advent of Low-E coatings further improved the performance of traditional glass. On a hot day, uncoated windows are a primary cause of heat gain, meaning that they let in the sun’s heat energy and make it difficult for homeowners to control utility costs. In addition, ultraviolet rays can still get in, causing sun damage to interior furnishings. Microthin, metallic Low-E coatings applied to the glass surface reflect heat back to its source, improving energy performance and providing customizable levels of clearness, reflectivity and UV protection.

Get Latitude Glass for Your Home

Reduce the heat gain caused by sunlight streaming in windows on a hot day (and keep warm air in on cold days) with innovative Latitude Glass from Sunrise Windows, featuring Low-E options to meet your precise needs, no matter where you live. Latitude Glass is available from very clear (80% clear) to highly reflective (46% clear) in six different levels. Because it exceeds current and 2016 ENERGY STAR standards, Latitude Glass is the right choice for your home. Find an authorized Sunrise dealer near you to learn more about Latitude Glass and ENERGY STAR windows.

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