Should You Replace All of the Windows on Your Atlanta, GA, Home At Once?

Should You Replace All Your Windows At Once Atlanta GAIf any of the windows on your Atlanta, Georgia, residence have been underperforming, you may be considering having replacement windows installed. However, such a situation begs the question: Should you only replace the windows that are giving you the most trouble? Or should you take this opportunity to replace all of the windows on your home at once?

How Many of Your Windows Need to Go?

If only one or two of the windows on your home are in desperate need of replacement—perhaps they’ve been damaged by a storm—and the rest of your windows are in pretty good shape, then it makes sense to simply replace these damaged ones. As the old words of wisdom remind us: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Are the Others on Their Way Out?

However, if you need to replace two damaged windows, and you know that the rest of the windows on your home are in pretty rough shape, then it might be worth it to take this opportunity to have all of them replaced, just to avoid having to go through the window replacement process again in a few years.

Cheaper by the Dozen

While replacing only one or two of your windows will certainly cost less than having all of them replaced, you can actually save a lot of money in the long run by replacing them all at once. Many window replacement companies offer their customers deals when purchasing more than one window, which can lower the price per window.

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