You CAN Always Get What You Want

replacement window optionsMaking the decision to replace the windows in your home is the first step towards increased efficiency, better aesthetics and improved window operation. For most homeowners, taking care of these issues by getting new replacement windows is a once in a lifetime project.

But if you’re only going to replace the windows in your home once, doesn’t it make sense to take the next step and get exactly what you want?

Replacement Window Options

That’s where options come in. Today’s trip through the eight things you need to look at before buying new vinyl replacement windows takes us in a totally different direction.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about efficiency and construction, today’s about what you really want, options for customizing and personalizing your new replacement windows.

Options are funny things.  Sometimes you know exactly what you want. When I bought a new vehicle for my wife a couple of years ago, we absolutely had to have a DVD player for the kids. We knew it was available and we got it.

Other times, you don’t know you want (or need) something until someone points out that its available. I remember several years ago a couple getting so excited because I mentioned that we had windows with blinds between the glass. They had never heard of them before, but once they did, they HAD to have them.

Unfortunately, over the years we’ve seen many window manufacturers and contractors make those types of decisions for their customers.

Why Won’t Your Contractor Tell You About Available Options

If your home improvement dealer or contractor isn’t talking to you about available options, its probably for one of two reasons:

  • They offer very limited, if any, options, or…
  • They have priced their windows so high they are scared that allowing you to choose options would price them out of the market.

Offering options literally costs a manufacturer money. For example, we set aside around 2500 square feet in our plant to build windows with blinds. Because you sell a relatively low percentage of your product with options, we could certainly find other uses for that space like building more of our main product lines.

I remember hearing a statistic many years ago about why a homeowner chose not to buy a product after an in-home demonstration by a home improvement professional. Most people in the industry would answer that the number one reason would have been a  pricing issue. The real answer was that in many instances the potential customer felt like the contractor was trying to sell the homeowner what the contractor thought the customer wanted, rather than helping the homeowner get what they actually wanted.

I actually read an industry article the other day that opined that the problem is having too many options. While having a designer just throw out options IS confusing and a waste of your time (and theirs), the real professional helps you define what options are important to you and helps you get them

You see, we believe that we should give you the ability to personalize the beautiful, new windows you are considering for your home.

You may have your own ideas, but like we mentioned earlier, oftentimes we find homeowners aren’t aware of available options until they are educated about them.

To help you prepare to make the right choices for you, here are some of the available replacement window options:

 Color Options

color-wheel.jpgColor options may be the ones that you think about first. What better way to demonstrate your personal pizzazz than choosing colors that match your decor?

When it comes to the interior of your home, you could have a standard color, like a painters white, or maybe a woodgrain finish to match your interior trim?

When it comes to the exterior of your home, we believe that yours choice should be virtually limitless. If you can’t find one our standard colors to suit your fancy, just give your home improvement professional something with the color that you’d like and we’ll match it. Find out more about all your different color choices here.


Grid Options

diamond grid replacment window options

Probably the next most commonly asked for option, grids are another way to display your unique style.

Whether it’s no grids to maximize viewing area, grids between the glass that allow you to have your cake (the beauty of the grids) and eat it too (not having to clean the individual panes), or matching an existing look by having grids on the outside of the glass, we can help.

Then there are the grid patterns that can take your level of personalization to the next level. Yousee what are called diamond grids here.

Or maybe you’d like grids that aren’t even grids at all. You can have what’s called V-Groove, where the grid pattern is cut into the glass, offering unmatched elegance and distinction.

You can take a look at all your grid choices here.

Blinds Between the Panes of Glass

patio door with blinds replacement window optionsAn extremely popular option allows you less maintenance with extreme style. Our SunBlinds (blinds between the glass) product gives you the look and shading of miniblinds, but they are sealed between the panes of glass.

Available in several colors and styles, these blinds are most popular in sliding patio doors. Most often you see patio door blinds like the picture here. Because of the many uses of a sliding patio door, these plastic, scalloped type blinds are notorious for getting in the way of pets and family members, or getting twisted around each other. They can be tremendously noisy as well.

All the information you need on our stylish SunBlinds is right here.

Other Window Options

Designer art glass is another way to create an exquisitely original look. Whether it’s stained glass, or leaded glass, your project will stand out in your neighborhood.

Obscure glass allows you to create privacy, but still allow light. With difference obscure patterns, you’re sure to find something that matches your taste.

Love clean glass, but hate cleaning it? Then SolarClean is for you. Titanium dioxide is applied during the glass formulation process, filling in all the nooks and crannies on glass that you can only see under a microscope. This creates a “Rain X” type of effect that, once activated by UV light, lasts for the life of your windows.

Another distinctive way of personalizing your windows is via hardware. Our optional architectural hardware gives you a way to coordinate your hardware finish with the window color to create an attractive, eclectic look.

Maybe our most incomparable option of all doesn’t actually go on a window, but alongside it. Our Madera premium interior trim is designed to transform the look of your room by updating the window trim. This furniture grade, pre-finished trim box is custom crafted to be an exact match in color and size for the window that it goes with.

Mick and the boys were wrong…when it comes to new replacement windows for your home, you CAN always get what you want.

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