Product of the Month: Noise Reduction Glass (NRG)

The modern world is full of unwanted sounds, such as those of barking dogs, loud conversations, lawn mowers and traffic noise. These distractions seem to invade today’s home more than ever.

Noises are made up of sound waves caused by vibration. These sound waves can carry noise into your home through or around windows and doors. Traditionally, laminated glass has been the choice to achieve sound reduction within a building. Sunrise® now offers a noise reduction glass(NRG) option that not only provides superior energy performance, but noise reduction as well – at a fraction of the cost of laminated glass.

Testing for Noise Reduction

Sound reduction in windows and doors is tested and most commonly rated for comparison using a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. The STC rating has been around since 1970 (ASTM E413) and was designed to provide a performance rating for noise from talking, television, radio and office equipment through interior wall partitions. The higher the STC value, the greater the noise reduction performance. Sunrise windows are tested and rated to ASTM E(90) for Sound Transmission (test sizes per ASTM E1425).

Sound Transmission Ratings NRG

Typical single-pane, single-hung windows have an STC rating of 20. Sunrise dual-pane windows already deliver excellent noise protection with an STC rating of 28, for a noticeably quieter home. Sunrise dual-pane windows with NRG feature an STC rating of 33 – 20% higher than our dual-pane windows and only three points shy of the noise resistance of the typical 2×4 insulated wall!

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

As a bonus, Sunrise windows have some of the industry’s lowest air infiltration values and are ENERGY STAR®-qualified in all 50 states. Our triple weatherstripping seal provides 50% more weatherstripping than other windows and more protection against harsh weather, which means you save money to heat and cool your home.

Even if you live near an airport or a busy street, you can still enjoy a quiet and peaceful home with Sunrise windows with noise reduction glass. All Sunrise window styles, from double-hungs to bow windows, are available with NRG options. For more information, visit to locate an authorized dealer near you.