Product of the Month: Sunrise® Sliding Glass Doors

Are you considering a home renovation that involves adding a doorway where a wall currently exists, or expanding the entry to your backyard or patio? Does your old sliding door need to be replaced? A quality sliding patio door from Sunrise® is a wonderful investment in your home that can boost its value and provide a number of additional benefits.

  • Enjoy more natural light. Sliding glass doors allow for an abundance of natural light which makes a room feel more inviting and reduces the costs associated with electric lighting.
  • Achieve visibility and safety. With all the time and energy you invest in your yard and landscaping, why not enjoy the view from inside your home year-round? Sliding glass doors also allow you to keep a close eye on children and pets that might be playing outdoors.
  • Enhance a room’s aesthetics. With an abundance of natural light and lovely views of the outdoors that come from installing a patio door, a once-dim room can feel newly bright and spacious. This “green” improvement adds significant value to a home.
  • Better access. Because they are often wider than the standard entry door, sliding glass doors give you more options when moving large pieces of furniture and other items in and out of your home.
  • Create the illusion of more space. Because they don’t swing, sliding doors require less floor space than a hinged door – a great solution for small rooms where space is limited.

Caring for a Sliding Patio Door

Sliding doors should glide easily along the track, which requires an occasional tune-up to remove salt, dirt, hair and other debris that gets caught in the track. Remove the door; vacuum, clean and lubricate the tracks; and replace the door to get things rolling again. For more information on caring for your sliding patio door, review our door care instructions.

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