Product of the Month: Solar Clean™ Glass

Cleaning Windows2Low maintenance, easy to clean, energy-efficient … window glass doesn’t get any better than this. Modern technology has given us another unique window innovation known as self-cleaning glass. Solar Clean™ self-cleaning glass from Sunrise® Windows uses the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the sheeting characteristics of the glass to loosen dirt and allow water to rinse it away, leaving behind virtually spotless windows. Solar Clean™ offers minimal maintenance due to less spotting and streaking – plus it’s guaranteed for life.

How It Works

Self-cleaning glass is manufactured with a durable, transparent layer of titanium dioxide on the outside surface. This metallic layer chemically reacts with sunlight and causes any organic residue that is on the glass to decompose. Because 80% of the sun’s UV radiation can penetrate clouds, Solar Clean™ glass works even on cloudy days. When it rains or if you rinse the glass with a light spray, the decomposed dirt easily washes away and leaves windows virtually spotless – no scrubbing required!

A Cleaner, Clearer View

Another benefit of self-cleaning Solar Clean™ glass is its ultra-smooth surface. A microscopic layer of silicon dioxide makes the glass surface hydrophilic, or “water-loving.” Normal glass causes water to bead up, forcing it to run down the glass in streaks. Solar Clean™ glass allows water to spread out evenly across the glass so it can “sheet off” neatly and evaporate quickly, without spotting.

More Efficient by Nature

In addition, because the Solar Clean™ layer is applied to Sunrise’s Low-E coatings, homes with these windows stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. All Sunrise windows and doors – from a single-hung window to sliding windows and sliding doors – are available with Solar Clean™ glass.

For less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying the view, find out more about Solar Clean™ glass by contacting an authorized Sunrise® Windows & Doors dealer near you!

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