Product of the Month: Exterior Brickmould

At Sunrise®, we custom-manufacture every window to fit the home it will become a part of – but the customization doesn’t end there. With the variety of optional features available, it’s easy to get a window that will reflect your lifestyle and complement your décor. Let’s take a look at brickmould, one of our popular decorative window options that can instantly enhance the exterior appearance of your home.

Add Character to Windows

The exterior trim of a window can change the way the entire home looks from the curb. Replacing your windows and leaving the old brickmould will leave your home looking worn and dated. New, low-maintenance vinyl brickmould adds a beautiful finishing touch, while hiding all installation screws to keep the frame appearance crisp and clean. Vinyl brickmould replicates traditional wooden trim with none of the maintenance demands.

To give your home a unique touch of character, you may choose to further customize your windows with brickmould that is a different color than the frame. You can also add more personalization with custom or standard exterior paint options.

Four Distinctive Profile Options

Enjoy the beautiful detail of integrated exterior brickmould with your choice of the following four styles.

  • 1″ flat brickmould profile provides contemporary style
  • 1½” contoured brickmould application provides modern style
  • 2″ exterior brickmould profile provides traditional style
  • 2¼” contoured brickmould application provides modern style



Multiple brickmould profiles allow for compatibility with virtually all traditional brickmould applications with no exposed fasteners, adding crisp curb appeal to the appearance of your home. Profiles can be manufactured for any standard window, from a simple awning window to double-hung windows. Additionally, the 2″ application can be formed to fit many custom windows, including geometric and architectural window shapes.

Windows Customized for You

In addition to exterior brickmould, Sunrise has a full range of decorative options to help you enhance your new windows, from grids to unique art glass. For more information, visit to locate an authorized dealer near you.