Picking Materials for Replacement Windows for Your Rochester, NY, Home

Materials for Replacement Windows Rochester NYIf the windows on your Rochester, New York, home aren’t performing how you would like them to, then it’s probably time for a window upgrade. While having replacement windows installed comes with a number of benefits, it also raises a lot of questions, chief among them—which material should you choose for your new windows? In our opinion, when picking materials for your replacement windows, vinyl is the way to go. This material offers incredible value and delivers all-around performance.

In terms of longevity, vinyl windows are tough to beat. After all, it’s no accident that they’re the most popular type of window on houses in the United States these days. Vinyl—or polyvinylchloride, to call it by its proper name—is an incredibly strong and long-lasting material. This means your new windows will keep their shape for many years, even in the face of extreme temperature fluctuations. They will also resist wear and tear from snow, ice, prolonged sunlight exposure and other harsh conditions. Vinyl is very low maintenance which means you won’t need to scrape, sand, or repaint it like you might have to do with wooden-framed windows.

Also from an aesthetic standpoint, vinyl is a great window material to choose. Since vinyl is a synthetic material, it can be formed into just about any shape or size much more easily than wood, metal, or fiberglass. So, if you’re looking to have geometric-shaped windows installed in non-standard sizes, vinyl frames will give you the most freedom to customize.

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