Perk Up the Patio, Part 2: Creating Furniture from Pallets

The humble wood pallet, that staple for shipping and storing bulky items, gains new prestige when you put it to use on your patio! Check out these ideas that turn pallets from ugly ducklings into eye-catching and functional design accents that can be stained or painted any color you wish.

Rolling outdoor table.
 Turn two square wood pallets, one 4″x4″ beam cut into four even pieces, L-brackets, screws and four caster wheels into a handy rolling table that can serve as a coffee table for morning relaxation or a dining table when you host a gathering with family and friends.

Patio loungers. Wood pallets become a modern lounge chair when you combine six pallets with some elbow grease. Stack two pallets and fasten with screws. Remove an equal number of slats from the top of each remaining pallet to create a backrest. Secure the backrest, sand, paint and you’re ready to soak up some summer rays.



palletsofaPallet sofa. Use plastic pallets to create a cozy sofa (the same could be done with wood pallets).  Stainless steel plates secure the backrest, and an outdoor cushion ups the comfort level. Add another pallet to the base for more sofa height.



vertical_Pallet-Completed-430x300Vertical garden. To create this unique and beautiful garden, begin with a pallet that has been heat-treated (not sprayed with chemicals). Ensure all boards are secure, then staple landscape fabric securely onto the bottom, back and sides of the pallet, leaving the spaces between the slats and the top uncovered. With the pallet lying flat, pour potting soil between all slats, then tightly fill cavities with plants. Leave the pallet flat on the ground for a couple of weeks while the plants take root, then place the vertical garden upright in your desired location.

When placed next to a patio door, vertical gardens are a great space-saving solution for cramped apartment balconies!

Pallet bench. Cut a pallet in half between the slats, then fasten one pallet onto the other in an L-shape to create the bench seat. Cut a 2″x4″ beam into pieces and fasten with support braces to create the legs. Sand the rough areas and finish as desired.

Check out Part One of this series for pretty container garden ideas that will make the view inside and outside your sliding patio doors irresistible all summer long!

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