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Sunrise® Founder Reflects on Company’s Milestone 20th Anniversary

When Sunrise Windows® was established in 1994, it was a small fish in a very big pond. Like most ambitious entrepreneurs, founders Gary Delman, Larry VanDeVelde and Elliott Delman felt equal parts excitement and fear as they put the dream that would become Sunrise Windows & Doors into action. Fortunately, we all know how the story ended: in just two decades, . . .

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Sunrise® Awning Windows: Why Use Them – and Where?

Clean, simple lines and a minimal profile give Sunrise® awning windows the flexibility to integrate with just about any window application. These windows are hinged along the top and swing outward. Low profile, dual-lever locking handles provide added security, and squareness is ensured through an adjustable hinge system. Sunrise awning windows provide today’s remodelers with the versatility necessary for modern architectural style. . . .

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6 Painless Ways to Cut Down on Your Winter Electric Bill

Even in the dead of winter, it’s possible to slash your heating bills without sacrificing comfort. Follow these tips to cut your energy bill by 20% or more. Install a programmable thermostat. This handy device allows you to lower the thermostat during the day when no one is at home and at night when everyone is sleeping, and automatically raise it . . .

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Enjoy the Many Benefits of Sunrise® Picture Windows

Any style of window gives you a view of the outside world, but it’s a picture window that offers you a way to bring the outdoors inside. A well-designed picture window can give you an unobstructed view of your surroundings, night or day, from the comfort of your home. The simplicity of a picture window makes it one of the . . .

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Avoid Surprise Costs: Know the Factors that Affect the Price of Replacement Windows

Investing in replacement windows for a home involves much more than browsing a showroom, picking your favorite designs and waiting for a crew to install them. There are many considerations to choose the right windows, and it’s important to know the factors that can influence the final cost of your window replacement project. So what can you expect when a . . .

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7 Festive Ideas for Holiday Window Decorating

With Thanksgiving behind us, our thoughts now turn to getting our home decorated for the winter holidays. As you trim the tree, hang those garlands and spruce up the mantle, don’t forget to add some holiday cheer to your windows! Windows can be a creative solution to the dilemma of whether to decorate the exterior of your home, because both . . .

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Why ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Certified Windows are Worth the Investment

When you’re ready to invest in new windows, you will face many decisions regarding window styles, options and pricing. Perhaps even more important will be the choices you make concerning energy efficiency. If you want high-quality windows, a cozier home, lower utility bills and to be a contributor to environmental sustainability, consider replacing your old windows with those that have received . . .

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Will the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Windows Please Stand Up?

The ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient program was established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2011 to help homeowners find products that have exceeded minimum government standards for energy efficiency. The initial list of products recognized by the program included refrigerators and freezers; clothes washers; heating and cooling units; and televisions. Since that time, the program has become increasingly popular among consumers . . .

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2015 Brings More Stringent Requirements for ENERGY STAR® Windows and Doors

Window technology has undergone major changes in recent decades, and window efficiency is about to become even better in 2015. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revised its ENERGY STAR® requirements so windows and doors must meet even stricter performance standards as of January 1, 2015. In order to qualify for an ENERGY STAR rating, products must meet all of the following criteria. . . .

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Get Inspired with the Sunrise “Design Your View” Tool

As you begin to plan your window replacement project, the “Design Your View” tool from Sunrise could be just the inspiration you need. Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the many window styles, features and options available when investing in vinyl windows. Our “Design Your View” concept makes your window shopping experience simple, personalized and fun! It gives you the chance to . . .

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Why Choose Sunrise?
When innovation meets artistry, great things happen

We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our products and the workmanship that goes into them. Our windows won’t just give you an amazing view—they’ll enhance the way you see the world around you.

See the Sunrise Difference
Custom designed & Crafted in The USA
Homegrown and handcrafted, from our family to yours

From using responsibly sourced materials to recycling vinyl and aluminum scrap created by our manufacturing process, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make our products and processes as sustainable as possible.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Comprehensive coverage to ensure complete peace of mind

Sunrise windows are expertly engineered and meticulously crafted to provide many years of reliable performance. However, if any part of your new windows does not live up to our quality standards, we’ll be happy to replace it.

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Our Happy Clients

I had ALL my windows and both doors replaced at the same time to my older (built in 1958) home by the folks at Sunrise and am very satisfied with the selection, service and installation! I’d recommend Sunrise to anyone renovating their older home.

A company that honors their warranty! I had their windows since 1996 and the company still honors my warranty. Great windows. Great company. Thank you Sunrise!

Chicago, IL

I had Sunrise Windows installed in my home in 2000. We started noticing some of the wood lament on the windows started peeling. Sixteen years later, Sunrise honored their warranty and replaced every window. This is a stand-up company.

Temperance, MI

I purchased Sunrise Windows last year for a house I was flipping. I believe the windows were a big reason the house sold for nearly 100% of the asking price. This is a great company. I would recommend this company's products to anyone.

Toledo, OH

As a window salesman who can sell Pella, Marvin, and Andersen windows as well, I can say with confidence that the Sunrise Window is a better option than any of those window brands. Most of the negative reviews I have read about the Sunrise product, is because the homeowner is uneducated on how condensation works, or the fault of the installer. If Sunrise makes a mistake, they will always fix it. Best window company to deal with and best warranty out there.