Make Your Door Your Own with Customizable Options from Sunrise®

White 3 section PD - 2003At Sunrise®, we want your home’s sliding patio doors to add more than just looks – they should ensure safety and guard against the elements. This is why we use strong and durable materials to manufacture doors with exceptional energy performance. Our doors meet or exceed 2015 ENERGY STAR® standards, which will help lower your utility bills and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home year-round.

A Door Like No Other

sunrise patio doorAt the same time, Sunrise doors can also offer show-stopping beauty of your own creation. With the range of customizable door options available, it’s easy to find one that expresses your personal style while striking the perfect balance between performance and beauty. We’ll custom-craft your door to fit your home – not vice versa!

  • Designs. Art glass can be a wonderful accent for doors on homes of any style. Sunrise decorative glass and wrought iron collections are fully customizable. Contemporary designs tend to be more streamlined and geometric, while classic designs are more intricate.
  • Colors. Sunrise sliding glass doors are available in 80 standard color and finish combinations, including 10 standard exterior colors and eight interior finish options.
  • Textures. Many types of Sunrise decorative glass have patterns impressed on their surface. Textured glass provides visual interest and movement, and helps diffuse or distort light for increased privacy.
  • Beveling. Beveled cuts change the way light is refracted through glass. This produces stunning visual effects while increasing privacy. Shapes commonly edged with bevels include squares, rectangles, diamonds, circles and ovals.
  • Caming. Caming is a process that fuses together individual cuts of glass using strips of soft metal. Popular caming metals include zinc, copper, brass, lead, chrome and nickel. This technique is often used in conjunction with textured, stained and beveled glass.

Contact a Sunrise® Dealer to Design Your Door

Sunrise Windows & Doors offers two collections of sliding glass patio doors, along with a full slate of customizable decorative options. Get started today with this valuable improvement – find an authorized Sunrise dealer near you!