Make a Bold, Beautiful Statement with a Sunrise® Bow Window

bow window living room smallWould you like a panoramic view of the world outside? Do you want to make your room appear larger by adding more natural light along with a touch of elegance? Bow window replacement may be just the thing. The graceful lines of a bow window make it one of the most distinctive in the Sunrise® window collection.

Bow Window vs. Bay Window

The bow window is a close cousin of the bay window. The difference between the two lies in the number of window units. A bay window features three windows set at angles, with the fixed center window usually flanked by smaller venting units. A bow window typically includes four or five windows of the same size formed into a gentle curve. If you are trying to choose between a bay and bow window for your home, many times the shape and size of the window opening will dictate which style fits best in that space. Here’s more about the benefits of beautiful Sunrise bow windows.

  • Increase natural lighting. Bow windows are a stylish and effective way to add light and ventilation to your home, and provide a simply stunning view of the outdoors.
  • Add more space. Bow windows gently curve out from the exterior of your home, adding more sill space than traditional “flat” windows. This space can be used to create a display area and more.
  • Operating or fixed. Most often homeowners prefer the window units in a bow window to be fixed windows, but they can also be a combination of casements or double hungs with picture windows.
  • Less maintenance, more durability. Interior surfaces of Sunrise bow windows are available with optional Pionite® laminates, so you won’t have to worry about painting or staining the interior.
  • Protect your investment. An anti-water penetration system helps protect against unwanted water and moisture damage.

Make Our Window Your Own

At Sunrise, we custom-make every window to fit each home, which means you have an extensive selection of customizing options to choose from. These include exterior brickmould, Low-E glass, decorative art glass, grids between glass, architectural hardware, Madera™ premium interior trim and more. You’ll also have a large selection of color and interior finish options.

To get started, use the Design Your View virtual tool to explore the options of double hung, casement and picture windows so you can choose the style that works best for your new Bow window!

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