How Low-E Glass Keeps You Cooler in Summer

Heat naturally flows from hot objects to cool objects, which is why an ice cube melts on a hot day, rather than becoming colder. During the summer, this spontaneous process can have a dramatic effect on the indoor temperature of your home as heat moves through glass into the cooler interior. Unwanted heat gain can happen in two ways: by sunlight shining directly on the windows, and when heat is radiated by your driveway, sidewalk, plants and other surfaces into your home.

The Power of Low-E Coatings

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coatings are one of the newest innovations in window performance. On a sunny day, windows with untreated glass let in heat energy and make it difficult to control indoor temperatures and utility costs. Metallic Low-E coatings applied to the glass surface reflect outside heat and light from the sun, yet are so microthin you can still see through the window clearly! The reflective power of Low-E glass is important in climates where solar heat gain is a primary concern.

Low-E glass offers many benefits for replacement windows, including that it:

  • Is not visible, so it will not impede or darken the view out of your windows
  • Is more effective at reflecting infrared heat than traditional window tinting and glazing options
  • Provides energy-efficient qualities all of the time, as opposed to shades and shutters that only block the heat when the shades are closed and the entire view is blocked
  • Can also help block damaging UV rays from entering through your windows, keeping your carpeting and furniture from fading or deteriorating prematurely
  • Can also help reduce glare on your TV screen and other shiny surfaces by blocking UV and infrared rays
  • Contributes to less strain on the HVAC system, which can help reduce monthly energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Can be used in conjunction with other great window features, such as enhanced security features, so it’s not an either-or decision

Sunrise Windows is committed to helping you achieve a more comfortable and cost-efficient home in every season. We start with insulated glass window units available in dual- and triple-pane constructions. Each glass pane is available with internal and external Low-E options.

Customize Your Glass

Latitude Glass by Sunrise provides many options so you can find the best choice for your home. Enjoy improved energy performance and control the amount of heat that enters your home, simply by choosing ENERGY STAR®-rated windows with Low-E glass from Sunrise. Latitude Glass is available in six different levels, from very clear to highly reflective, enabling you to find the level that best suits your preferences for energy efficiency and window aesthetics. In addition to featuring Low-E coatings, Latitude Glass also uses high-performance spacers and sealants to maintain the insulating gas between the layers of glass. Altogether, these features ensure a high level of energy efficiency and comfort for your home.

Sunrise Latitude glass options replacement windowsSunrise Latitude glass options


Latitude Glass options are available with all Sunrise products, including double-hung windows, casement windows and patio doors. For more information about Latitude Glass and assistance choosing the right glass option for your home, find an authorized Sunrise dealer near you.