Is Noise Reduction Glass the Right Choice for Your Windows?

Sunrise® Windows understands that peace and quiet is an important part of making your home the retreat you want it to be. Unwanted sound from vehicle and airport traffic, barking dogs and loud machines can significantly impact enjoyment of your home, especially if it interferes with your sleep. That’s why we recently introduced Noise Reduction Glass (NRG), a glass option that not only keeps out unwanted sounds, but provides superior energy performance as well.

If you currently have single-pane windows and/or wood window frames, NRG can make a significant impact on the amount of noise that enters your home.

How Sound is Measured

Sound starts with vibrations that make the surrounding air vibrate. These sound waves carry noise into your home through and around windows and doors. As we explained in a previous blog about NRG, Sound Transmission Class (STC) is the main rating system used to compare how well products block sound from entering the home.

A second rating, the Outside/Inside Transmission Class (OITC), was designed to measure exterior façade elements including windows and doors that are subjected to noise like motor vehicles, aircraft and trains. Despite being a better indicator of the noise reduction building codes are trying to address for windows and doors, OITC is a less commonly used rating.

When comparing performance, the higher the rating, the less noise you’ll hear using either STC or OITC. But STC and OITC are not the same. When comparing sound performance, be sure to compare STC-to-STC or OITC-to-OITC.

Factors That Can Affect Noise Reduction Glass

Keep in mind that the STC rating of the wall of a home is just as important as the window. STC ratings for insulated 2×4 walls typically range from 33 to 39, with 36 being the norm today. Sunrise dual-pane windows with NRG feature an STC rating of 33 – only three points shy of the noise resistance of the typical 2×4 insulated wall!

Learn More from a Sunrise® Dealer

All Sunrise window styles, from an awning window to sliding windows to bay windows, are available with NRG options. To learn more about the NRG collection from Sunrise, contact your local Sunrise dealer.

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