In the Eyes of the Beholder

look of vinyl replacement windows

The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” traces its roots back to 3 B.C. in ancient Greece. In essence, it means that the perception of beauty is a subjective thing; ask 10 people to define beauty, you’re likely to get 10 different answers.

When it comes to the look of vinyl replacement windows, there’s very little disagreement. While, in 2016, over 51% of residential windows sold were vinyl, most folks think that these types of windows are  just flat out ugly.

Let’s examine some of the reasons for that perception, and then talk through how a window manufacturer might address those issues.

Vinyl Replacement Window Frames are Ugly

bulky boxy vinyl window frame.png

The biggest reason for the impression that vinyl replacement windows are less than aesthetically pleasing probably starts with the frame. Often described as “boxy” or “bulky,” vinyl replacement window frames are typically larger than their wood or metal counterparts.

As opposed to “full frame replacement”, where the window gets changed out all the way to the original rough opening, a typical window replacement  (most often called “pocket replacement”) is, in essence, putting a box into another box. This, of course, leads to a loss of glass area; true no matter what material your window frame is made of.

Pocket window replacements happen far more frequently than a full replacement due to additional cost and/or a manufacturers lack of availability of the materials required for a contractor to do this type of installation.

Add this loss of glass area on top of bulky, boxy frames and you can see why many “beholders” don’t often think of the look of replacement windows as “beautiful.”


The Perception of Beauty is Also About Choice

The other main reason that folks don’t often consider the look of replacement windows as vinyl replacement window colors.jpgpleasing to the eyes is the lack of color availability from many replacement window manufacturers.

Whether it’s just plain white, or the even less pleasant, blue white, the inability to customize the color of your new windows to reflect your unique tastes and desires can influence your overall thought process about replacement windows in general.

Understanding Why Vinyl Window Frames Can Be So Bulky

Dealing with the issue of frame size begins with an understanding of why most vinyl replacement window frames are so bulky. Most contractors that offer these boxy products explain away that look as a necessity from a strength standpoint.

While the frame certainly impacts the overall strength of the product, many other factors figure in to the sturdiness of the replacement window, and a bulky frame is not necessarily one of them.

The thickness of the vinyl and how the frame is constructed are often more important determinants as to the toughness of the window frame.

In fact, the real reason that vinyl replacement windows looks so bulky is more about insulation than strength.

How We Do It

Full Frame Replacement

We’ve designed our windows to address all these issues individually…

While all of our dealer partners do  pocket replacements, most also offer our full replacement window system that can actually INCREASE your glass area over what you currently have, all while giving you a maintenance free window, inside and out.

Color Choices

The ability to customize your project is a driving force behind what we do, as we believe that if you’re only going to do this once, you deserve to get exactly what you want: a project that reflects your desires and flair.

color choices for the look of vinyl replacement windows.jpgBecause of that Sunrise Windows come in over 80 standard color combinations, including 6 luxurious interior woodgrains. Couple that with an unlimited number of exterior colors based on our exclusive color matching system, as well many other window options including blinds, interior and exterior grids, self-cleaning glass and plenty of other design extras and you’ll be sure to have a project that reflects your tastes.

Maximize Glass Area and Make Your Home More Comfortable

Our windows have been aesthetically engineered to maximize glass area while providing the best strength available along with superior insulating ability.

polyrethane_insulated_window_frame.pngIf you look at the image here, you’ll see how we engineer our windows. First, notice all the 90-degree bends in the frame. Vinyl is similar to steel from the standpoint that 90-degree bends create strength. Secondly, you’ll note that we fill our frames with polyurethane insulation, just like the guys that make the expensive coolers. This is the same stuff used in freezer doors, the best insulated door in your home.

This process gives your new Sunrise vinyl replacement windows up to 27% more viewing area than many competitive products.

If the look of a vinyl replacement window is an important part of your decision-making process, take a look at Sunrise Windows, where you get beauty you can personalize.

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