How to Increase Ventilation in Your Home

Woman opening a window in a room to get fresh air from the outdoorsThere are many benefits to installing new windows, including improved curb appeal, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. In addition to these benefits, installing new windows provides you the opportunity to increase ventilation in your home, bring more fresh air in, and cool your home down more effectively. Learn about the best ways to increase ventilation in your home with new window styles and placement.

Change Window Styles

Swapping your windows out with different styles can help increase ventilation. For example, if you have picture windows that don’t open, simply swap them out for any other type that offers ventilation. This will depend on the size and shape that you need, but many crank windows and sliding options are available to fit your desires.

Or, if you have a single-hung window (or another window with a fixed sash) in a room that tends to get stuffy, adding a casement, hopper, or awning window can boost airflow—removing the fixed sash and adding a window that cranks outward (or inward) fully will open up more space and offer twice as much ventilation.

Choose Double-Hung Windows

If you’re not a fan of casement, hopper, or awning windows, replacing any single-hung windows (or windows with fixed sashes) with double-hung windows can help ventilation by allowing you to move the sashes to let air in. Since you can open them on both the bottom and top, hot air can escape through the top, and cool air can flow through the bottom.

Add Windows

If you have a trusted home renovation contractor, they may be able to help you add new windows where you currently have none. For example, adding a new window across from an existing one can create a cross-breeze and improve air circulation in your home. Note that our window dealers do not assist with this type of project.

Keep the Air Flowing

After switching your windows’ operating styles to allow more air into your home, make sure you keep them open as much as possible. Remember that opening windows upstairs can help hot air escape, and keeping windows open on the lower level of your home can bring cool air inside. You can also add fans to increase the rate of airflow.

Our Windows

At Sunrise® Windows & Doors, we manufacture myriad styles of windows that can improve your home’s ventilation. You’ll be able to customize your windows by choosing from our nine exterior colors and 10 interior finish options, including:

  • Brazilian pecan
  • Golden oak
  • Painter’s white
  • Tan
  • Provincial oak
  • Colonial cherry
  • English maple
  • Norwegian walnut

For exterior color options, you can select from the following:

  • Royal brown
  • Iron ore
  • Maize
  • Pebble
  • Commercial brown
  • Slate
  • Painter’s white
  • Tan
  • Sable
  • Antique brown
  • Forest green
  • Vintage linen
  • Sandstone
  • Black
  • Earthtone
  • Antique red
  • Mystic gray

Our painted colors come with a 20-year warranty for peeling and cracking and a 10-year warranty for fading.

Sunrise Windows & Doors offers a high-quality product to our customers that is durable, attractive, and will stand the test of time. Not to mention, our manufacturing has been acknowledged in the industry by receipt of Crystal Achievement Awards for innovation.

Reach out to us if you want to schedule a consultation with an authorized dealer in your area. We will connect you with someone and get you an appointment to learn more about which window options can offer you the best ventilation for your home!