How to Find the Right Sliding Door for Your Patio

When is a door more than a door? When it’s a patio door! The sliding door you choose will have a major impact on the feel of a room and how your home functions, so it pays to take your time and think about all the options. Here’s what to consider to find the right patio door for your home and lifestyle.

sliding door no gridsWhat you’re looking for:

A patio door with great views that complements your contemporary style.

Consider: A sliding door.

The contoured design of a sliding patio door offers clean lines and maximum visible glass area so you can see more of the world outside. While sliding doors can be found on homes ranging from traditional to contemporary, they are best suited for a contemporary aesthetic.

Sliding_Door_Closed_white[1]What you’re looking for:

A patio door that’s an elegant architectural accent for your home.

Consider: A sliding patio door with a grid option for a “French door” look.

This creates the same classic feel of a French door, but because the door doesn’t swing, you don’t have to sacrifice floor space. This gives you more options when it comes to furniture placement and how the room functions, and you still have instant access to your outdoor living space.


Three-Panel Sliding DoorWhat you’re looking for:

An extra-wide opening that connects the indoors with the outdoors.

Consider: A three-panel sliding door.

Window walls are a popular luxury home feature that allows a kitchen, living room or dining room to be merged with the patio. However, for most homeowners, window walls are too costly. Custom-designed two- and three-panel sliding patio doors can be manufactured up to 12 feet wide. They are an affordable and beautiful way to open up an entire room to the outdoors!

Sunrise® Has the Patio Door for You

Sunrise® offers a wide selection of patio doors that are customizable with your choice of dimensions, decorative options and Low-E glass for maximum energy efficiency. Find out more by contacting a Sunrise dealer near you.

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