How Do the Insulated Windows on My Pittsburgh, PA, Home Work?

How Do the Insulated Windows on My Pittsburgh, PA, Home Work?While all replacement windows probably have some form of insulation—whether within the frames or around the glass—when someone uses the term “insulated windows,” they are usually referring to windows that have insulated glazing systems. Such windows are especially common in cities like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or other areas where winter temperatures are routinely in the single digits. But how exactly do insulated windows work? How do they stop the cold air from getting into your home? Well, there are actually a few different components at play.

Low Emissivity Glass

Insulated windows are equipped with Low-E glass, a particular kind of glazing system in which the panes of glass are coated with microscopic layers of silver and other metals. These coatings prevent heat from passing through the glass, which means that all that nice toasty warm air from your radiators will stay inside your home rather than seeping outside.

Multi-Pane Glass & Gas Fills

Insulated windows also have multiple panes of glass—typically two or three—and have inert gas fills between the panes. These gas fills consist of invisible, non-reactive gases like argon or krypton, and help displace air from between the panes of glass. A gas fill also acts as an invisible layer of insulation, stopping cold air from entering and warm air from escaping.

Spacer Systems

Spacer systems also play a role in regulating the passage of heat through house windows. Spacers keep the window’s glass panes the appropriate distance apart and insulate the edges of the glass panes, which helps to reduce heat transfer through the window.

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