How Bay and Bow Windows Can Make a Small Room in Your Long Island, NY, Home Look Larger

How Bay & Bow Windows Make a Room Look Larger Long Island NYThere are few things that can add grand architectural charm to your Long Island, New York, home like a beautiful set of bay or bow windows. On the outside, they provide texture and dimension that will certainly catch the eyes of every passerby, and on the inside, they offer great views of your home’s surroundings as well as a feeling of more spaciousness. That’s right, bay and bow windows can help make small rooms feel larger. How? Because they are made up of multiple windows that are arranged in a way that creates a sense of openness.

A bay window unit consists of three separate windows. Usually, the middle window is fixed while the windows on either side of it—the flankers—are operational, but this is not always the case. The flankers are installed at an angle—usually 30- or 45-degrees—and the whole bay window unit projects outward from the home’s exterior wall which creates a semi-hexagonal space on the inside known as a “bay”. If the configuration of the bay window goes all the way to the floor, this bay can serve as a small nook. Otherwise, if the bay is raised from the ground, it can serve as a storage surface or even a place to sit and gaze.

Bow windows are similar to bay windows in that both are compound window units made up of multiple windows. However, while bay windows feature only three windows, bow windows can have four, five, six, or more individual windows. Also, while bay window units are semi-hexagonal, bow windows are more rounded. Nonetheless, this “wall of windows” effect that both bay and bow windows create can help to make a small room feel more spacious by letting in tons of natural light, providing panoramic vistas, and even creating a little recess where you can store things or sit and enjoy the view.

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