Get Comfort & Energy Savings This Summer with NRG Glass

new house in a new developmentBecause glass makes up most of a window’s surface, selecting the right glass package is an important step in making your home comfortable. We have carefully designed our Noise Reduction Glass (NRG) options to give our customers with concerns about noise pollution a way to control their environment, so they can enjoy a quieter, more peaceful home. If you are equally concerned about energy efficiency during the upcoming hot months, NRG glass is the perfect choice for your replacement windows.

Dramatic Noise Reduction

The noise reduction ability of windows is most commonly measured using a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. Standard single-pane windows have an STC rating of 20. A high-performance dual-pane window can have a STC rating of 26, while a Sunrise® dual-pane window tops the other brand’s window with an STC rating of 28. The Sunrise dual-pane window with the NRG option is in a class by itself, with a STC rating of 33!

Sound Transmission Ratings NRGNRG Bonus: Great Energy Performance

In addition to delivering excellent noise reduction for a noticeably quieter home, NRG also provides great energy performance. The airtight construction and expert installation of Sunrise windows with the NRG option not only reduces noise, you also get comfort and energy savings for your home. Sunrise windows have some of the industry’s lowest air infiltration values thanks to a triple weather-strip barrier and Low-E coatings inside the glass unit that reflect outside heat and light from the sun. It’s why Sunrise windows are ENERGY STAR®-qualified in all 50 states.

Learn More from a Sunrise® Dealer

From double-hung and casement windows to hopper windows, all Sunrise windows are available with NRG options. We also offer a full variety of optional decorative features. With Sunrise, having a window that reflects your lifestyle and decor is simple! Get started by contacting an authorized Sunrise dealer near you.

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