Expert Tips to Clean Painted Windows

If you have painted wood windows on your home, you already know that they require a good deal of care and maintenance. Because cleaning windows might be on your list of spring home maintenance chores this time of the year, we’d like to share some tips to help you keep these windows looking their best.

Steps to Clean Wood Windows

  1. Inspect the window. Examine the window’s interior and exterior finish. Occasionally it may be necessary to repair a damaged finish, or to strip and repaint the window entirely.
  2. Be careful with water. Remember that water is the enemy of wood. When cleaning wood windows, avoid exposing them to large amounts of water or cleaning liquid. Work quickly to reduce the amount of moisture that can soak into the wood, and dry them thoroughly when finished.
  3. Protect your interior. When cleaning windows inside, place a towel on the sill of the window or floor underneath the window to absorb any water runoff.
  4. Remove loose dirt. Remove as much dry dirt and debris as possible from wood windows. Water and dirt make mud – which is much more difficult to remove than loose dirt.
  5. Clean the tracks. To keep your window operating smoothly, clean out the tracks with a vacuum using a stiff nylon brush to remove debris from crevices.
  6. Scrub the window. Once all loose dirt and debris has been removed, dip the brush into a solution of water and mild dish soap and gently scrub the window. Wipe away residue with a clean, damp cloth.
  7. Clean the glass. Apply window cleaner to the glass. Starting at the top, pull a squeegee over the pane in an S-pattern. At the end of each stroke, wipe the blade clean with a lint-free cloth and wipe away drips with a clean cloth for maximum shine.

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Tired of Wood Window Maintenance?

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