Enjoy Peace & Comfort With Quiet Windows

noise reduction windowsIf you live near an airport, highway, or playground, you may experience noise pollution in your home. Old, loose-fitting, single-pane windows that rattle when a plane goes overhead or a truck or train passes are probably the greatest source of noise transmission in a home since the windows are in every room.

Replacing your windows with ones that have a high Sound Transmission Class rating can help you reduce noise that enters from the outside of your home.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is the main rating system used to indicate how well products block sound from entering the home. A typical dual pane window provides an STC rating of 26-32. A higher number means less sound is transmitted through the window. The combination of the glass layers, glass thickness and the air spaces between the glass give the windows the acoustical rating.

Another rating system that measures the level of noise reduction of a window is Outside/Inside Transmission Class (OITC). This is a less commonly used rating system, but also provides information about how exterior elements of your home, such as windows and doors, help reduce outside noise. It’s important to note that OITC and STC ratings are not interchangeable, meaning that you cannot compare ratings from one system to the other. If you’re comparing and contrasting the noise reduction benefits of different window options, it’s important to compare OITC ratings against OITC ratings or STC ratings against other STC ratings.

The key to blocking sound coming through a window is breaking up the sound wave vibrations. Sound can enter the home by vibrating the window or through cracks around the window or sashes. Specially designed windows with either offset glass (insulated glass units with glass of different thickness) or laminated glass can help reduce noise. Proper installation is also important to ensure noise is cut off around the window. Your noise-reducing windows must be carefully set in the window opening and properly sealed in place to enjoy all of the benefits these windows provide.

Benefits of Noise Reduction Glass Windows

When you choose replacement windows with noise-reduction glass for your home, you’ll be able to enjoy a more peaceful and tranquil indoor environment. Even if your home isn’t near train tracks, an airport, or another place where loud noises are a common occurrence, noise reduction glass can still make a significant improvement in the quality and comfort of your home. Cars driving by outside, dogs barking from the neighbor’s yard, or even crickets chirping at night can all add up to loud noises entering your home throughout the day. Noise reduction glass can help minimize these disruptions, helping to create the indoor environment you desire.

Noise-Reducing Windows From Sunrise

Sunrise has offered noise reduction windows for some time using laminated glass, which provides the added benefit of security glazing that keeps debris outside the home. The new NRG (Noise Reduction Glass) collection from Sunrise offers comparable noise reduction, at a fraction of the cost. The Sunrise NRG collection uses offset glass technology to break up sound waves and reduce noise entering your home.

To learn more about NRG options from Sunrise, contact your local Sunrise dealer. We have dealers located across the United States who will be happy to help you enjoy all the benefits that come with noise-reducing windows.