Why ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Certified Windows are Worth the Investment

When you’re ready to invest in new windows, you will face many decisions regarding window styles, options and pricing. Perhaps even more important will be the choices you make concerning energy efficiency. If you want high-quality windows, a cozier home, lower utility bills and to be a contributor to environmental sustainability, consider replacing your old windows with those that have received ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient recognition for 2014.

essentials-03Americans collectively consume nearly $1 million worth of energy every minute, according to statistics from the Department of Energy (DOE). Choosing the most energy-efficient windows currently in production saves energy and money and reduces the pollution associated with greenhouse gas emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made it easy to identify your best bets for window efficiency with its ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 program.

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient program was established to help consumers recognize products that not only meetEPA and DOE standards for energy efficiency, but exceedthem. Each year, ENERGY STAR sets or reviews Most Efficient criteria for specific product categories, such as appliances and windows. The exceptional products chosen for the list are the most efficient products among those that qualify for ENERGY STAR labeling in the current calendar year, and represent the leading edge in energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2014 windows will often cost more than standard windows because they require advanced materials and more detailed construction. However, replacing old windows with Most Efficient models will help you save significantly on utility costs, and consequently often pay for themselves within a few years.

It’s important to remember that not all ENERGY STAR-rated windows are created equal, so you should still compare efficiency between models. Sunrise Windows & Doors offers multiple products included on the current ENERGY STAR Most Efficient list. If you’re interested in buying a product that has met ENERGY STAR Most Efficient criteria for 2014, find your local Sunrise Windows dealer by visiting www.sunrisewindows.com.

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