Door & Window Problems Your House May Be Trying to Show You

Is your house trying to tell you something? If you pay attention, you can find all sorts of clues to your home’s condition by the way it looks, feels and even sounds. Here we discuss some signs related to windows and doors that you shouldn’t ignore.

Common Household Problems With Old Windows & Doors

Some of the common household problems with old windows and doors are problems with the products themselves. There are also less obvious problems you may experience that are caused by the faulty windows and doors instead. The warning signs you might notice include:

  • Foggy windows. You might notice that Foggy-Window-1 condensation develops
    on the surface of windows when there is a big difference between exterior and interior temperatures and humidity levels. However, if you see fogginess that has developed betweenthe window panes — or if you have windows that are now “milky” instead of clear, this is a sign of seal failure. Fogginess/milkiness is most often found in older windows or sliding doors where the seal on the window spacer has deteriorated and allowed moisture to leak in. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to repair a broken window seal, and sash or full window replacement is the best solution.
  • Drafty windows. This is a sign that either the windows or the weatherstripping around windows needs to be replaced. Check to see if weatherstripping is loose around the sash, or if the strip is peeling or has chunks missing that indicate the need for replacement. If the windows are relatively new and have damaged weatherstripping, they may be covered under warranty. If not, it may be time to shop for windows that are more energy-efficient.
  • Wrinkled wood. Rotting wood can easily escape OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA notice, so pay attention to the texture of the wood around windows and doors. If you notice wooden components that look wrinkled or wavy, this could be an indicator of dry rot. Window frames and the wood around exterior doors should not be soft, brittle or crumbly. A window contractor can evaluate the extent of the damage and help you plan for repair of rotten wood or full-frame window replacement if necessary.
  • Insect wings. If you notice insect wings lying on window sills, around doors or caught in spider webs, you could have termites. Termites shed their wings when they swarm out of the nest to start a new colony. Pencil-sized mud tubes around the base of your house could be another indication of termite infestation. Call a pest control company for a professional inspection immediately.
  • Stuck windows and doors. If it feels like a workout to open your patio door or your windows are perpetually stuck closed, it may be because the structure has swelled a bit over time. Exposure to the heat and humidity can cause these structures to warp so that they no longer fit properly with your home, and even the slightest changes in shape or size can result in a very noticeable problem when operating your windows or doors. This is more typical in older window and door products and is likely an indicator that it’s time to have them replaced.
  • Temperature changes from room to room. A less obvious problem that many homeowners experience is inconsistent temperatures throughout the house. If you notice a change in temperature when you walk down a hallway or up the stairs, your windows and doors may be the culprit. Your windows alone contribute up to 25-30% of your heat gain or loss throughout the house. If too much heat is escaping or entering your home through your windows, your HVAC system may never be able to catch up. This is a sign that your windows are not energy efficient. Having them replaced with today’s state-of-the-art energy-efficient windows can greatly enhance the comfort of your indoor environment.

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