Can You Just Replace the Glass in Your Windows?

Can You Just Replace the Glass in Your Windows Washington D.C.So you just had the windows on your Washington D.C. home replaced. They look absolutely stunning, and you’re feeling good about your investment, thinking of all the money you’ll save on your heating and cooling costs and how much more comfortable your home will be with these brand-new energy-efficient windows. And then, from the other room, you hear a loud crash. You rush over to see what it was and there is a baseball lying on your living room floor. A home run! Awesome for the kids playing ball in the park next door, but not so awesome for you. As you go to fetch the broom and dustpan, you wonder whether you’ll need to install a whole new window or if you can just replace the glass.

If you hadn’t just replaced your windows, it would probably be better to have a whole new window installed. Once the glass on a window breaks, so too does the airtight seal created by the spacer system. This allows the inert gas fill to leak out, which then compromises the window’s ability to reduce heat transfer. If you were to have a glazier simply install a new pane of glass, your window might be functional again, but it wouldn’t be energy efficient.

Since you just had your windows replaced, and the frame and sash are still brand new, you can probably get away with just replacing the glass. However, in order for your windows to retain their structural integrity and energy-saving capabilities, you’ll need to replace the glass with the same kind of insulated glass unit (IGU) that the window originally came with.

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