Benefits of Double-Hung Windows for Oklahoma City, OK, Homeowners

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows Oklahoma City OKAs far as replacement windows go, there are tons of different styles out there, but still, year after year, double-hung windows continue to be the most popular. Is it a mere coincidence? Surely not. Double-hung windows are a top choice among homeowners throughout the county because they offer a number of great benefits. Read on to learn if double-hung windows are the right choice for your home in the Oklahoma City area.


What makes double-hung windows so functional is the fact that they have two operable sashes, as opposed to single-hung windows which have only one. While the bottom sash is the one most commonly used, it’s nice to have the option of opening the top sash instead. For instance, maybe you’d like to open the window but don’t want a pet or small child to get near the window opening. Also, opening both the top and bottom sashes at the same time allows you to create a cross-breeze effect that can offer wonderful ventilation.


When most of us think of a standard house window, the first image that pops into our heads is probably something similar to a single- or double-hung window. After all, this style has been a mainstay of American architecture for more than a century. With such a timeless and understated appearance, double-hung windows look great with just about any style of home, whether it’s colonial, craftsman, contemporary, or anything in between.


On most double-hung windows, the sashes include a tilt-in function. This makes maintenance much easier because it allows you to clean both the interior and exterior sides of the window sash from the safety and comfort of your home. That means no more having to climb up a ladder just to get the outsides of your windows squeaky clean.

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