Avoid Surprise Costs: Know the Factors that Affect the Price of Replacement Windows

kitchen vinyl replacement windowsInvesting in replacement windows for a home involves much more than browsing a showroom, picking your favorite designs and waiting for a crew to install them. There are many considerations to choose the right windows, and it’s important to know the factors that can influence the final cost of your window replacement project.

So what can you expect when a contractor comes back with an estimate? Here are some of the criteria that will affect the price you pay for a replacement window installation.

Window insert or full-frame replacement. There are two methods to replace windows. The insert or pocket method involves removing the window sashes and sliding tracks only, then inserting a new window into the frame. Full-frame replacement removes the old window entirely, revealing the rough opening of the wall and allowing for inspection for insect infestations or water damage.

Full-frame replacement is more costly than insert replacement. The replacement option you choose will be determined by the age of your home, the style of your old windows and the condition of your existing frames.

Material. Fiberglass is often the most expensive window material, followed closely by wood. Vinyl windows are less expensive and more effective when it comes to energy efficiency, which saves you money over time. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 “Cost vs. Value Report,” vinyl also offers a return on investment that is comparable or better than wood.

Window size. The size of the windows you choose will greatly influence price. Double-hung style windows will usually be more affordable than large, specialty shapes and custom configurations, so expect to pay more for unusual pieces.

Glass. Replacing windows with dual- or triple-pane, high-performanceLow-E glass requires a higher initial investment than standard insulated glass, but offers greater energy savings over the long term.

Upgrades. Custom frame colors, special hardware finishes, blinds between the glass, and premium screens all add to a window’s cost.

Installation. Extra installation and disposal fees can increase the cost of your replacement windows; be sure these are included in the final quote. Also ask about charges for additional services such as replacing rotted wood, exterior clean-up and painting.

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