Are Sliding Windows an Energy-Efficient Option for Your Indianapolis, IN, Home?

Are Sliding Windows Energy Efficient Indianapolis INSliding windows are one of the most popular styles of windows on homes in America today. After all, their sleek, low-profile frames and expansive glass surface area make them a great option for newer, more modern-looking homes, but they can also be embellished with muntins and decorative glass to suit a more historical home aesthetic. Sliding windows are also a very functional window option in that they require less effort to open and close than hung sash windows. Perhaps best of all, however, is that sliding windows are an energy-efficient window option.

Unlike hung sash windows, sliding windows open horizontally rather than vertically. This configuration means that sliding windows require fewer moving parts like pulleys and anchors, and therefore can close more tightly and firmly than other window styles. Sliding windows from Sunrise have frames that are made from hardwearing vinyl which is a much better insulator than wood or metal. These vinyl frames are also insulated with polyurethane foam for additional thermal performance and come standard with low-emissivity glazing packages that contain inert gas fills. All of these features work together to dramatically reduce heat transfer into and out of your home so that your new windows will provide you with exceptional energy efficiency. What’s more, Sunrise sliding windows are equipped with heavy-duty spacer systems that help to regulate the surface temperature of the glass, and durable dual weatherstripping which eliminates drafts and ensures a tight seal when the windows are closed.

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