A Closer Look at ENERGY STAR® Version 6.0 Requirements for Windows & Doors

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the typical American household spends $1,332.96 annually on electric bills, with 47.7% of this amount going toward heating and cooling expenses. Even more significant is the fact that 25% of the heating and cooling Americans pay for is lost through inefficient house windows and doors. Curbing this energy loss is what inspired the ENERGY STAR® program, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 1992.

Guiding Consumers to Save with Efficient Products

ENERGY STAR ratings help individuals and businesses save money and protect the environment by focusing on improved energy efficiency. Products that meet the program’s stringent energy efficiency standards receive the ENERGY STAR label. In order to earn the label, ENERGY STAR products must be third-party certified based on testing in EPA-recognized laboratories, and are subject to ongoing testing.

On January 1, 2015, more stringent performance requirements went into effect for windows and doors. These updated standards are known as ENERGY STAR Version 6.0. To qualify for an ENERGY STAR rating, a product now must meet or exceed the following criteria.

energy efficient requirments for windows and doors tables

Stricter ENERGY STAR qualification criteria mean even better energy performance for consumers, resulting in more energy savings and lower utility bills across the board. There are currently no tax credits available for the purchase of ENERGY STAR V6.0-qualified windows and doors. However, the EXPIRE Act of 2014, currently before the Senate, includes a 10% federal tax credit for products that meet V6.0 standards. Retroactive tax credits may also be enacted in the near future.

Sunrise Windows & Doors Meet 2015 ENERGY STAR® Standards

Sunrise® proudly offers many window and door products that meet the new ENERGY STAR V6.0 standards for every climate zone in the United States. For complete performance ratings on our products, please visit our website or contact your Sunrise dealer about the most energy-efficient windows and doors.


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