7 Festive Ideas for Holiday Window Decorating

Christmas window decorationsWith Thanksgiving behind us, our thoughts now turn to getting our home decorated for the winter holidays. As you trim the tree, hang those garlands and spruce up the mantle, don’t forget to add some holiday cheer to your windows! Windows can be a creative solution to the dilemma of whether to decorate the exterior of your home, because both you and passersby can enjoy the decorations in windows – and you won’t have to bother hanging miles of lights.

Create a holiday view with these eye-catching window decorating ideas.

  • Add an outdoor wreath. Wrap a length of outdoor ribbon around the top of a wreath. Lower the top sash of your window about a foot and close the ribbon in the window to suspend the wreath. Or, staple the ribbon to a small block of wood before hanging out the window.
  • Create your own scene. If the view out your window doesn’t feel like winter, create your own winter scene with fresh greenery and a pair of redbirds perched on the window sash. Add a flurry of snowflakes floating above for the perfect finishing touch.
  • Line up the ornaments. Instead of focusing on the tree, tie on some colorful ribbon and hang your favorite ornaments in front of a window. The natural light will enhance their beauty.
  • Drape window jewelry. Use colorful beaded garlands to add a pretty holiday touch to your window treatments. Drape the strings over the curtain rod, securing with tape. Add glass balls to the ends of the garlands for an elegant finish.juniper branches over windows
  • Hang the stockings. Rather than hanging stockings over the mantle, use suction cups to hang them in front of windows for a fresh perspective.
  • Decorate the sill. If you prefer not to hang items in front of your windows, decorate the sill instead. Add an assortment of evergreen plants, pinecones, branches in bottles or vases, figurines or even a small Christmas tree.
  • Put on some glitz. Use juniper or evergreen branches embellished with a glimmering garland or small lights over windows to add glitz to your New Year’s party.

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