4 Overlooked Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Doors & Windows

Sunrise sliding glass doorsSliding doors and windows are more than a functional element of your home. In addition to providing an opening from the interior to the exterior, they offer several less obvious benefits to enhance your living spaces and your well-being.

  • Increased natural light. Limited exposure to sunlight has long been linked to depression. Natural light increases energy levels and comfort, and helps to regulate your circadian rhythms for deeper and more energizing sleep. Sliding glass doors and windows offer plenty of natural light to help battle the seasonal blues.
  • Better views. Traditional doors let in limited light and visually separate a room from the outdoors, while the frames of some competitors’ windows interfere with views. When you switch to the unobscured glass of a Sunrise sliding door or window, you’ll enjoy a better view of your world.
  • Energy savings. Sliding doors and windows can save a surprising amount of energy. Because they allow more natural light, you will need less electricity for lighting. In the spring and fall, open up these windows and doors to cool your home without an air conditioner.
  • More space. Because it does not need clearance to swing open and closed like a traditional hinged door, a sliding door allows for more usable space. This is an especially important benefit for small or narrow spaces.

For draft-free comfort, easy operation and solid performance, Sunrise Windows & Doors offers glass sliding doors and windows to exceed your expectations. Polyurethane foam frame insulation provides the ultimate in energy efficiency and comfort. We haven’t overlooked security either. Sunrise sliding windows include recessed pick-resistant locks and night latches, and our sliding patio doors include a three-point locking system for greater security. And it’s all backed by our Lifetime Non-Prorated Transferable Warranty!

To find a Sunrise dealer near you, visit www.SunriseWindows.com.

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